Sunday, March 03, 2013

Hitting the Trail in Style - I'm Almost There

My butt hurts. Like, really hurts. The muscles and tendons and all the things that keep my legs attached to my butt? Well, they hurt too.

And my feet...don't even get me started on my feet. I'm totally buying new walking shoes - tomorrow, when I'm able to move again.

I WILL be able to move again, right?

I was --->this<--- close to cancelling my plans to hike with Hubbypants again this morning. Over 7 miles yesterday left me feeling stiff and achy this morning, with a desire to curl up next to my coffee cup and not leave the couch.

But then I started flipping through the Title Nine sportswear catalog. Go visit the link, I'll wait.

See? Functionally cute clothes! Everything wicks - as in, draws away perspiration, stretches in all the right places and then stretches back so you don't have any saggy-baggy areas.

Whenever I walk through REI with Hubbypants I admire the functionality of the clothing, the soft and supple fabrics that are also stylish (a.k.a. no frumpy active wear). Target is starting to carry some things, but for the most part is is clearly active wear. Title Nine and REI have bridged the chasms, married the two sides and produced clothing you can look fucking awesome in, despite whatever grueling activity you are doing at the time.

At least it looks that way on the hanger and in the catalog. I wouldn't know, because I've always fallen just outside of their sizing charts.

How I long to wear a slinky sundress that I can walk around in on a hot day and not show how I'm sweating buckets (wicking fabric is actually the best invention ever, sliced bread doesn't even come close). How I've wanted to wear those cute peasant cut blouses that are also form fitting with those flouncy skirts that fall just above the knee. Everything made of that lush fabric.

Oh...the fabric.

So, it was Title Nine that inspired me to put on my sports bra (that I actually did buy from them), my shoes and hit the trail for ANOTHER 7+ mile hike.

Oh, I put pants and shirt on, too. Just in case you were worried...I wasn't just wearing a bra and shoes. This time. I'm new to this hiking thing, I'm learning what is acceptable on the trails and I get so damn hot! Trust me...nekkidness is not generally acceptable attire for hiking.

My goal is to own some of those clothes.
And, not just own them, but actually be able to wear them.
And not just wear them, but have them fit properly AND look good.

Losing 25 pounds has gotten me closer, but Title Nine dresses are still just beyond my grasp. My next weight goal is 22 pounds away. By then I'll be inside of their sizing chart - barely, but I'll be there.

When that happens, I'm buying a damn dress.
Or something.
Anything...any damn thing that fits, I'm buying it.


  1. I'm an REI cloths buyer. I like the big baggy pants with lots of pockets and wicking t-shirts. Oh and I like the pants that allow me to turn them into shorts! I'm not a Title Nine fan but many of my friends love their cloths.

  2. I am in awe of your hiking achievements. Truly. If I'm not careful, you'll inspire me to turn over a new leaf in my own (lack of) fitness. :-)