Monday, March 04, 2013

BlogHer'13 or Bust?

Curious, I was.

Curious to see how long I've been blogging.

So, I built a time machine, then traveled back and back and back...landing in May of 2006. (Not really, I just scrolled back through my blogs...but wouldn't a time machine be the bomb-diggity? Rhetorical question, of course it would).

Seven years!

That first post seems like an eternity ago.

I'd like to think my blogging has evolved since then, but that thought just made me snort and shake my head.

I've been a lazy blogger, not really approaching it as a serious interest. I must admit, I've thought about how I could turn it into something more significant. Then I think, "Hell...that sounds like something really similar to 'work', which would totally interfere with my social media addiction, thank you."

But, if I'm going to be on the interwebz all stinking day being a creepy stalker of Facebook statuses reading deeply thought provoking journalism, then I should totally think about how to better my own writing and blog. Right?

Of course.

So, when my favorite place on the interwebz put out a call for volunteers to work the BlogHer'13 conference this July, I broke the sound barrier driving home from a lazy morning of having coffee with a friend therapy session, where I was counseling a friend in need of coffee. S'ok, her crisis was handled before I left her because, there was no crisis we just missed each other and love coffee.

I've been insane with anticipation patiently waiting for BlogHer to announce they were accepting volunteer applications for their upcoming conference in July, because 1) I desperately want to go and can't afford the whole sha-bang and 2) I desperately want to meet certain bloggers IN PERSON that I've grown to love and 3) it's in Chicago and Sue lives there...she's a T-rex. What? You can't be surprised by that, it's me after all. People, you have NO. IDEA. how long I've wanted to see her bony ass - since I was a wee tyke...for reals!

This would be a dream come true! I'm tempted to keep this a secret, so that I have no competition. But, then I think there has to be other out there like me who've made so many wonderful connections with far flung bloggers and who would love to see their faces in the flesh - and, besides...they announced it all over the damn blogosphere. I'm sure they are flooded with volunteer applications by now. However, I bet I'm the only one who wants to also go for the dinosaur. I'd bet money on that.

Now the excruciatingly long wait begins until they notify all of us hopefuls sometime by the end of April. Heads up, Gmail...I'll be checking you with rabid regularity, you should limber up or something.

For the rest of you out there, in the near future, should you hear a strange sound carried on the wind, like that of a howler monkey walking on hot coals, rest assured it is NOT a zombie's just my cries of joy upon being accepted as a volunteer.

Fingers and toes crossed for all of us hopefuls!! 


  1. Good luck! I hope you get selected. That was how I managed to attend BlogHer '12 last year, by being a volunteer.

    Fingers and toes crossed!

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping so, too. It was you that made me think about volunteering, so thank you for that!!

  2. Ditto what Elizabeth said. Fingers crossed that you are selected. If you don't get selected maybe you can find another way to get sponsored.

    1. Thank you! It's o.k. if I'm not selected,I'll just try again next year. I was sort of kidding about the sponsorship. Laine is trying to get sponsors, which makes sense since she's trying to build a business. She is a worthy investment!