Monday, March 19, 2012

Guest Post 1: Hubbypants!! is goin' to start happenin' all up in here!

Guess what? Wait...that wasn't a question...DO OVER.

Guess what!!!

I'm now on week TWO of taking an extra half dose of my thyroid medication.

D.U.D.E., you mix that with copious amounts of caffeine and WEEEEEE!

Of course, my spurt of energy and not-so-foggishness-at-this-moment-in-time could just be part of my hormone ups and downs with the perpetual struggle to get my thyroid med JUST right.

Whatever it is, I'm not complaining, because it could come crashing down at any minute. You might want to stay inside, where it's safe.

And so...with this new found energy, I'm going to sit here on my ass and type.

Today starts a series of Guest Postings by some of my favorite peeps. In case you missed WHY I'm doing this, the link here HERE.

My first Guest is...[insert sound of rolling drums here]: HUBBYPANTS!

Yes indeedy-do! Because...he is just all covered in awesomesauce and I loved his 'anonymous' comment on my Be My Guest post and I decided to use it to kick off my series. And...when he reads the "covered in awesomesauce" comment he's going to think of something naughty. I might need to edit this part out...

I'm not going to give too much of a Bio on this man o'mine, because I don't want any of y'all trying to steal him. He is my built in Tech Support, so I'd be lost without him! Oh, yeah, and I love him for oodles of other reasons, like: he's extremely smart and hi-lar-ee-us-ly funny, a good kisser and handsome and brews excellent beers and...yeah, yeah, I know..."get a room".  He also has his very own BLOG! I know!!! Could we be a better match?!?!  His little nook of the Interwebz is called _ Four King Beach _. Yes, if you say it fast it sounds like - yup, it sure does.

Without further adieu...Hubbypants:  

Huddled in a dark deserted place. I am dimly illuminated. I
can't see my features. Around me is nothing. I am fenced in. There
is no pleasure. Good does not penetrate the shell. I feel pressure.
I feel I am being pushed. I feel I am being pulled. I see no
escape. I feel I am being watched. I cannot be seen.

My hands cover my face and move in slow circles. I want to scream.
I have no voice. I am trapped. I cannot escape. This is my
sanctity. I hate it here. I need this place. I hide here. I hide
from there, that, them, these, those. I lose my form. My shape is
blurred. You cannot see me here. My pain cannot be felt. Stay away
from me. Leave here. Do not look for me here. You are drawn to me.
We are opposing forces. My magnetism draws you. I am empty. I have
a prize that will heal the wounds inflicted by the razors bleeding
the joy and happiness you felt before descending into the depths of
my escape.

The above, as I mentioned, appeared in my comment thread. It also happens to be the descriptor for a Geocache he planted. He's a crafty one, my Hubbypants - reason number 8,648 that I love him so.

A few wonderful bloggers that I admire greatly have volunteered to guest post. I'm working on a schedule, but since I HATE schedules and shrivel under the weight of structure...they'll happen when they happen.  Mostly, they'll happen when my Guest has something ready for me.

So, that means y'all will have to check in regularly and meet some wonderful, talented, smart, funny and all around magnificent (isn't that a kick ass word, magnificent) Bloggers that I am proud to also call my friends.

Spots are filling up fast! (no they're not) So, you'd better hurry and get your guest post suggestions in quick!

I'm only doing ONE post script today!



  1. Hubbypants12:35 PM

    I am Hubbypants and I approve this posting.

  2. Alien: Am I in another zone or just did I reach an appreciation type of blog done with creativity and imagination.

  3. Hubbypants: Whew, good thing!

    Elaine: I KNOW, isn't it wonderful!! Keep your eyes peeled for more! I've got lots of great peeps to showcase.

  4. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Dude! That was, like, some serious stuff. Do I dare...? Yes, I will. That was awesome stuff there from Hubbypants! :)

  5. Nice job, Hubbypants, nice job.

  6. I'm fairly certain your Hubbypants is, indeed, awesome sauce. Lucky for you, I've got 3 non-husbands of my own heh. And now I shall stalk (why am I all a sudden thinking of celery?) his blog too! WOO HOO!