Thursday, March 15, 2012

Be my guest!

How would you, YES YOU, like to be featured on a critically acclaimed, Internationally loved blog with a gazillion viewers?

Wouldn't that be wicked A.W.E.S.O.M.E. (there is no question mark, because this is rhetorical - there is NO question that it would be'll have to trust me on this).

Well, if you find that big time, uber-popular blogger who is willing to let you do that, will you put in a plug for me too?

While we're waiting for my our big break, consider this instead:

You could write for ME!

I KNOW!!!!!!  I can feel your giddy excitement through my monitor! It's like the next best thing to what I mentioned above. But you know, with a vastly slightly smaller audience.

Think of this as a way to showcase your hidden, or previously established, talent. A way for you to try something new or...maybe...get your blogging feet wet, a little field trip outside of your comfort zone.

Oh, I can see those gears grinding. You're thinking, "Yes, I'd love to...but..."

There are no buts (inner 12 year old is CRACKING up over here - butts...bwahahah).

Seriously now, there are no obstacles to participating.  If you are reading this blog, then you know I am not a big time blogger or professional writer with training - I'm just someone who started to type and a blog was born. It does not take special abilities, it just takes desire.

Now, some might speculate that the reason I'm begging for offering a chance to guest post is because I've got no material of my own. But that is totally untrue! (yes it is)

I'm offering a chance for someone else to shine, to see if maybe they'd like a blog of their own some day. OR...or...if you are already blogging/writing, to just have a wee bit o' fun in a new space.

So, how does this all work?  Well, I have no idea. BUT, it's my blog and your guest post, so we get to make up the rules as we go along...with every intent on breaking said rules.

If you'd like to be my guest then we can work on an idea together - or:

*You could write about whatever the hell you want, you have creative license.
*You could ask questions of the host blogger (that would be moi). Like an interview and such.
*You could ask the host blogger (still moi) to ask questions of YOU.
*Write a poem.
*Write some nonsense. No, wait, then my regular readers will think it's me.
*Do a photo blog to showcase your artwork.
*Whatever the hell you want. Yes, I already said that, but I'm out of ideas and I thought it looked nicer to have more options on the

And...if you are a blogger, you do NOT need to reciprocate by offering me a guest post. I'll probably choke, 'cause I get all nervous and stuff. Plus, all my blogging friends are spectacular writers who don't need me mucking up the works.

FINALLY - if you are still on the fence, nervous or scared, then you can do it anonymously. I can post your blog entry without calling you out. It's a chance to shine, without going public. However, I think you'll find that my audience (unlike those big name bloggers) is very supportive and friendly.

This could be fun. We can make it whatever we want. There are even prizes!! (not really)

So...who's with me?!?!?!
 {sound of crickets}


  1. Hrrrrrm, if your goal is to LOOSE readers I'm in, or if there really are prizes. But otherwise I'm STILL waiting for some special post from a special someone who isn't me to appear on my blog. *snort* I'm afraid my mind can't get past to-do list and EDITING right now, I couldn't come up with a topic to save my soul... <3<3

  2. I would be willing to do one of those question ones. I'd answer whatever you want. ;)

  3. Oh oh oh!! Me!! Pick me!! Pick me!! (complete with bouncing in chair and waving raised hand from the back of the room)

  4. Emily - Yes! I agree that Aliesha needs to write for both of us. That *IS* the special person you are talking about, right? And, your prize is already in the mail - sent yesterday. Granted, you were expecting it anyway...but I am now declaring it an advance gift in anticipation of your guest post. On MY blog you can be as silly as you want...that HAS to be enticing, no?

    Amber - Well, if I'm doing the ASKING, then it might take a bit longer for your turn in the spotlight - my brain is working at a sloths pace these days.

    Beckey - Well? What'cha want to do? :-) You can email me, I'm all eyes.

  5. Oh Sweet and pretty Lady with enticing eyes and suggestive hand movements, and the charms of the holy choir above, it has got to be the day I have waited for my entire life.
    I am like you a prolific talent waiting to be discovered, so you just have to give me the shot. If not for sheer brilliance, for the unadulterated brown nosing compliments and schpeel, for the love of god and the virgin somebody or other....

    Fancy a poem of something more should we say, erotic in lyrical content?

    For eye opening reading check me out for the post of newbie contributor.

    $100 enough?


  6. Peaceful Warrior - A new peep! Yay! How did you happen upon my tiny space in the interwebz?

  7. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Huddled in a dark deserted place. I am dimly illuminated. I
    can't see my features. around me in nothing. I am fenced in. There
    is no pleasure. Good does not penetrate the shell. I feel pressure.
    I feel I am being pushed. I feel I am being pulled. I see no
    escape. I feel I am being watched. I cannot be seen.

    My hands cover my face and move in slow circles. I want to scream.
    I have no voice. I am trapped. I cannot escape. This is my
    sanctity. I hate it here. I need this place. I hide here. I hide
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    from me. Leave here. Do not look for me here. You are drawn to me.
    We are opposing forces. My magnetism draws you. I am empty. I have
    a prize that will heal the wounds inflicted by the razors bleeding
    the joy and happiness you felt before descending into the depths of
    my escape.

  8. I guess you could call it serendipity.
    Have a look at the poem by that title, on my Imagine poetry blog..

    Well you see. I like you, am keen to find and share with like minded people, the wealth of creativity that those who actually offer something are giving.
    I have featured you on my blogs and website too, to help with this.

    I actually saw your comments on
    and thought how well you offered your comments.

    And now, well lets just say...I am enamoured by your wit and for creativity.

    I simply must join this elite task force of masters of the

    Big hugs and loveloads of love.

  9. Yo. I'll do a guest post. Heh. But not today. I am going to bed early (sure, Jane. You say that every night).

  10. Hubbypants11:03 AM

    Hubbypants raises an eyebrow. Hubbypants finds Peaceful Warrior's choice of words a bit unusual.

  11. Jane: NO RUSH!! I'm happy to do frequent guest posts whenever it fits.

    Hubbypants - I'm irresistible, what can I say? >;-}

  12. Anonymous6:20 PM

    I guest posted a few blogs for Menopause Chat last year, but it hurt my feelings that no-one bother to even say "booo!" Not even the site owner. Sigh!

    But if you want to take a chance on me, SURE, I'm in. But it is not too late for you to change your mind! LOL!

    Big hugs Amiga!

  13. Hey, I'm in to! What would you like me to write about?

  14. Virginia - I've already sent you an email and I can't wait to have you as my guest!

    Laine - So excited! What do YOU want to write about? I have no theme, the only requirement is fun!

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