Thursday, February 02, 2012

Let's Go!!!

Two of my favorite words have been floating around mi casa the last couple of days.

Road Trip

Aren't they lovely, those words? So simple...and yet so BIG, or small...I guess...depending on the number of miles between where you start and where you end up.

If you've been reading me for any length of time you know of my desire to travel.

I've written about my Wanderlust and of hitting the road for a little Asphalt Rejuvenation.

My daughter and I love to watch travel shows and fantasize about going EVERYWHERE.

So, you can imagine how discussing a possible road trip to Seattle with Hubbypants would have my knickers in a bunch (but in a good way).

When I was a kid my grandparents would take me road trips in their motor home. My most vivid memories are from our stays at R.V. parks where I would covet the U.S. travel maps stuck to the sides of other R.V.'s. 

 Picture from:

How I longed for one of these. A simple blank map with outlines for all the U.S. states - a rather unusual thing for a kid to long for, don't ya think?

The idea is to fill in the map as you visit each state. I loved seeing half full maps. Oh, the full maps were beautiful...all filled in with the colorful state stickers. But the quarter or half full? They hinted of what was to come and I found that ever so mysterious and exciting.

Fast forward oodles of years and I have no motor home and no U.S. travel map sticker. But, I'm over it (not really).

I STILL want one of those maps, but now I want to put it on this here blog. I'm on a mission to fill in the blanks and discover the wonders my country has to offer - and then explore what lay beyond the border. Like, perhaps, visiting these bookstores.

All that will take money...lots of money. That reminds me of a little story I wrote, My Little Secret
But it's just a, REALLY it is! I wonder how much money those kind of writers make??

Anyhoooo....So, Hubbypants and I are still in the deciding phase, figuring out finances and such. However, my mind has already charted the course, fueled up the car and packed the necessities - my brain has already left the building! (Wow...I pretty much wrapped that up and handed it to y'all with a bow...can't wait to see the comments that arise from THAT statement). road. If this does happen, on the day that we leave, I'm going to jump in the car and shout:

"NORTH WESTWARD HO!" and fire up Willie Nelson on the iPod...

What did you covet as a kid? 
Were you a map geek, like me?


  1. My husband has a plan for our next big trip (which is in the distant future) is a road trip to Arizona along the west coast. He has even plotted all the restaurants he wants to eat at - thanks to the food network. I am going to have bring my stretchy pants for that trip ;)

    Seattle will be a blast! You guys will have a fabulous time!

  2. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Hi Victorias_View - You don't know me, and you're probably better off, but any friend of the author's is a friend of mine. (She can vouch for me!). Anyway, I live in the prettiest part of Arizona, and always welcome the opportunity to play tourguide for the brave! :) Liz

  3. I would almost kill for a roadtrip.

    Before TW's mom moved in here, we used to take a lot of weekend road trips. Sigh. I miss those days.

  4. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Since I was a child I've always wanted to travel. So far I've visited New York, twice, with hubby (he is from New York), and I've visited Vermont (he has family there too). Last year hubby and I took our very first real vacation (after being married 29 years); we went to Portland, Oregon (WOW! I wanna do that again) and then we followed another trip to Gualala, CA (I wanna do that again too!).

    Believe it or not those were the best times that hubby and I have had. THE BEST! And I really want to do both trips again this year. But I'll settle for just one of them.

    But we REALLY want to see Italy, Spain and France. Sigh!

  5. V.V. - The southwest is beautiful! Especially the mountainy desert that Liz lives in. I really like that area...much more than southern AZ, which is way-way-way too hot! The painted desert through New Mexico is spectacular. Of course, if you go through CA you'll HAVE to see the SF Bay Area!! :-)

    Denise - Elderly care is so tough! I totally understand!

    Virginia - I've been to Portland and other parts of OR, AZ, NM, MA and NH..driven through CT and RI as well. I've been to Mexico, Spain, Greece and's not enough...not nearly enough! :-) I've also been to various parts of CA, but there is so much more to discover here. I want to see all 50 states and Canada!

  6. Oh the joys of travel! I am a true road warrior, as a child we made many treks up the coastal highway in California, Oregon and Washington. Such great memories and I am always happiest when planning a trip, Whether we are driving or flying. Oh such joy. That reminds me I need to get busy and plan this years adventure!!! Hugs, Kary

  7. Those U.S. maps on campers caught my fancy, too. Hardly ever see them anymore. If you go to the Seattle area, I hope you get to go to Whidby Island. The Deception Pass bridge view is spectacular.

  8. Acr0nym and I are planning a trip to Seattle in (probably) mid-May. *ahem* Possible meet up opportunity?

    I have other blogger friends who live in the area too - one of whom lives on Whidby Island o_O.

  9. Anonymous3:21 PM

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