Monday, January 31, 2011

A Little Secret

There was no way she could ever tell him where the money really came from, he just wouldn’t understand. She adored how he thought royalties from writing children's books paid for the fancy car and European vacations. She thought it would crush him if he really knew. But what she really feared was it NOT crushing him. What scared her most was that he would think she really wanted to do those things that she wrote about and submitted to the production company in the San Fernando Valley. That was a Pandora’s box best left closed. No, she was not like the women she wrote scenes for. Not that she didn’t dabble in college…and maybe a little after college. She was no hypocrite. She was happy with her settled life and being able to live vicariously through her imagination; her million dollar imagination. She couldn’t make that sort of bank writing about talking bunnies and bears. Besides, she made much more money writing them than she ever did acting. Yes, that’s another thing he probably wouldn’t understand.

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