Monday, November 12, 2007


It calls to me. Tiny whispery tendrils caressing my ears, begging me to come. It misses me, I've been away too long. But, life gets in the way and I lose myself in it, drowning in routine and responsibility. I want to peel away this disguise, this 'mother's skin', and expose the other self that lies beneath. This, yes this, is the me that longs for the open road, the wonderment of places new and histories old. I want to discover, explore, learn. I want to not know where I'm going and just arrive there.
Yet, I cannot flee that which I love the most, that which holds my heart and makes my world, yes both worlds, complete. So I will wait and I will dream and I will fill my days by bringing wonderment to my children. I will fill their heads with the same curiosity that abounds in me. They will be my companions on these journeys of the open road. I will light the fire of Wanderlust in them and off we will go!

Summer awaits, it is mine for the taking!

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  1. Very Poetic!

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