Thursday, February 03, 2011

Asphalt Rejuvenation

I am in DIRE NEED of a road trip.


                         DIRE: urgent; desperate
                                                                                                                                          NEED: to be necessary

The result is the 'road trip', but the POINT of this entry is the concept of DIRE NEED.  

I have a passion for trips, travel, and going places. I love visiting the new in order to learn about the old. I crave experience. I ache for adventure. 
                           BUT intervenes and there are things to do and people to do those things for...and...with. 


There are times
  When I wish for
     The opportunity to
        Just turn the key and
     Light up the engine
  With no destination
Merely to arrive   


...I want to do this by myself. Play MY music, have the windows open MY way.  Or, play no music at all and leave the windows up so that the wind is forced to find another ride.

I covet the ME-ALONE trip and I need one, soon. There is Thinking and Contemplating that happens alone. 

As well as the blissful Vacant moments when the rush of wind through the window just wipes it all away and there is only the yellow and white lines. 

I miss my family in those moments and that is why I always return.

The Road Trip - a short journey story....
A series of dashes is all that divides you from them. It is taken for granted that the journey from point A to point B will be a success. But really, when you look at the big picture – they are just broken lines telling you to stay on your side. A Rebel ignores them in pursuit of beating the clock. The Rule-Follower hugs them, revering their implied power.  Failure to heed a figurative wall can mean disaster, but climbing that wall (when relatively safe of course) brings a rush of power; you’ve overtaken the weak and have become the head of the dragon. Wield that power with arrogance and you lead nothing but wreckage. Wield that power with abandon and you become an unimpeded soloist with no plan but to move toward whatever comes next. 

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