Monday, January 30, 2012

Jingle Jangle in my Pocket

In my hand I hold a check for $50. (well, I was holding it but now I'm typing...but I keep it close so that I can pet it and stroke it. What??)

It is payment for a syndicated blog post of mine. I am still...*STILL* shock anyone would want to pay me real greenbacks for something I wrote.

However, the big question here is - What shall I DO with the money?

There is always something I need and an infinite list of things I want.

But this $50 is...SPECIAL.

If you are a person who writes, but does not consider yourself a writer, then you know what I mean. This money signifies something I can't exactly put into words yet. Rather ironic, don't ya think?

So, spending it on another kitchen utensil to further my DIY crazymaking adventures or a new pair of shoes doesn't really seem to do it justice. 

I suppose it could go toward something from my Bucket List?


Would you like to know what I really want?


I want another tattoo.

My first tattoo story can be read here, I won't rehash it for my regular readers.

I love body art (not so much the piercings). I love that ink so often tells a story. Granted, that isn't always the case. Some people are happy picking flower pattern #23 out of a book - much like picking a sandwich from the deli menu. That isn't the approach I want to take when making permanent additions to my body.

I want my next ink to be 100% me. I want a compass rose.  Yes, yes...oodles of people have compass rose tattoos, I'm intimately familiar with Google Images. The 'idea' isn't unique, but the image itself has so many possibilities.

I want it to mirror my other tattoo and live on my left wrist. I want to SEE it every day. A reminder that even a restless mind and spirit needs a center and place to call home. Elements of the image are floating in my head, but need an artists skill to make it breathe.

But it is going to take more than $50.

I think I need to start scanning the house for things to sell. I'll roll this into my desire for a more zen household and consider it part of my purging quest - I get rid of stuff and people pay me to take it off my hands.  WIN-WIN!!

I wonder if Hubbypants would miss the TV? Hmmm...I guess it would be rather hard NOT to notice 61" of screen has gone missing. I should probably start smaller.

I might even need to hold a fundraiser or two. Perhaps start an INK Melissa campaign? Anyone want to buy some cake pops? How about bread? I'm getting rather good at this baking thing. I will hire out my children for house & yard work. I might even throw a couple of bucks their way, seeing as how they'll actually be doing the grunt work - of course, it will be at my discretion and dependent upon any bouts of teen angst & tantrums.

Oh...did I also mention I want a 3rd tattoo? My Dio de los Muertos skull...on the back of my neck. But, this is a post for a different day...and once I sell a bunch more stuff. Do you think Hubbypants would notice if I sold his brewing stuff? (poor Hubbypants, he's really such a trooper to put up with me)

Who's with me?
Whether you like them or not, if you WERE to get a tattoo...
What would you want?

And finally, because the title of this post has left me with this earworm, I'm going to share....

I'll accept private donations as well.

Cash or check only.

I'm totally kidding.

Well, maybe not *totally*. Far be it for me to turn down a generous benefactor.



  1. I understand! I am fascinated with tattoos. I wonder how many people think I am rude because they have caught me staring at thier ink? I love love love my tattoo. It took me many years to decide what I wanted, where to get it, etc. But I am so happy to have it now! And I am always pondering the next one. But I think my hubby would divorce me if I sold his brewing equiptment! However.. could I start a speakeasy and sell the product of his brewing equiptment? Hmm....

  2. Beckey - THANK YOU for the comment! Yeah, I'd miss the beer too much. But a speakeasy would be oodles of fun! We have a very nifty one here in San Jose, plus another one (or two) nearby in San Francisco. Such fun places.

  3. Woot! Woot! I think a tattoo would be the perfect way to spend your hard earned dough! Maybe you could bootleg on the side with hobbies home brew to make up the difference ;)

  4. V.V. - I like the way you think!

  5. I LOVE THIS IDEA! And yes, that required me to yell it at you.

    Getting paid for your writing is a BIG DEAL and warrants something particularly special. A tattoo is most definitely something special.

  6. Congrats lady!!!!!!
    How much will your tat cost?
    I have a huge piece on my back that I want to add to.
    I also want a lady bug on my foot.