Wednesday, July 25, 2012

BlogHer 2012 - What draws you?

I've never been much of a joiner, often gravitating more towards the 'loner' group. (yes, I DID just use "loner" and "group" together).  I've never had many friends and, truth be told, it still amazes me when someone really likes me.

No, no, no...this isn't a pity post. I pinkie swear!
There is a point. 

When I embarked on my blogging journey (in 2006!! Really? That long ago??) I didn't expect to gain followers or develop virtual friendships with other bloggers. I really expected to be hanging out, alone, in my corner of the Internet. In 2008 I joined BlogHer, posted a few times and then stopped, until last year.

Well, surprise...surprise...I wasn't alone and people liked me - they followed my posts often commenting nice things!  It still really blows my mind when someone tells me how much they like my writing or that I've given voice to what was in their own heads.I made connections and found friends...go figure!

Sometimes, on rare occasions, these comments come from people I knew, but who I thought paid little attention to my writing. That is true treasure, my friends. It makes me wonder how many other people are reading my blog, because 'follower' stats are notorious for fibbing so I have no idea how far (or not) my voice travels.

So, what's my point?

BlogHer 2012 is coming up next week. Several women I know via BlogHer will be going, plus oodles of other women and men with both big and small blogs. They'll be going to learn stuff, meet their blogging idols or a celebrity, learn something new, make connections, etc. etc. etc.

As a person who blogs about whatever tap dances across my brain, I've never put much thought into participating in something so grand. I mean, this is an event for people who are serious about making a name for themselves or becoming a Big Cheese in the blogosphere. Right? People who are directionless and just dabblers are not the target audience for these types of conferences. Right?

As the excitement over BlogHer 2012 grows and Chatter practically vibrates with anticipation, I've started to wonder if someone like me could hobnob with real writers (something I've seen other bloggers ponder - we, many of us, still don't consider ourselves writers - we should stop doing that).  I started to think that maybe, just maybe, immersing myself in a room full of smartness would rub off and I'd start seeing my own path illuminate. And, at its worst, I'll be able to meet FACE TO FACE the amazing people I interact with regularly in BlogHer Chatter.

I'm fairly certain that there needs to be some sort of investment from me to figure out whether my path will be through a keyboard or some other avenue. I'm also pretty confident that NOT doing anything and just continuing to rehash the same topics, using different words, isn't going to lead anywhere.

Is a BlogHer conference the educational boost I need? Or, would it just be an expensive indulgence and a chance to hang out with virtual friends - shedding my loner skin once and for all and become a joiner (that's really a silly statement, I know full well it would be a fabulous eye opener - educationally, of course)?

So, I don't know if BlogHer 2013 is in my future (that will need to be a future far more financially fruitful than this current one), but I DO know that I'm thinking about it. I've been forcing myself to write more, even if it is drivel and a regurgitation of past posts - because NOT writing isn't getting me anywhere either.  For now I'll be waiting impatiently anxiously for the location of BlogHer 2013 to be revealed.

So tell me....
Are you going to BlogHer 2012 and why?
 Where do you want it to lead you?


  1. I'm going to BlogHer12 and you knew that! Why? For many reasons. Last year I went as a tagalong with my daughter (who ditched me for private parties) and I was alone, but not lonely. I felt part of a movement, a group of people so like me, a massive group of women who make words move. When they played Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory and there was a flash mob right in the middle of the lunch room, dancing, it gave me chills. And I realized that even though I am a loner (just like you) I am part of this massive movement of people who have so much to say. I felt part of a ginormous family. This year I'm going to network a bit, because I've had a taste of being paid for having an opinion and I would like to at least earn enough to cover the conference ;) Also more importantly, I'm going to meet people that I will be so bashful around because I'm so freaking shy, but somehow that will be ok. I just know it.

    1. Yup, I knew that! It was your post that inspired me to write my own... you started me thinking! I hope you'll share your money making strategy, so that I can start building my own BlogHer fund!

  2. Also I wanted to tell you that I bought this book today. Maybe you might want to read it too?

    I should get off the computer and start reading, I don't have much time to come out of my shell, do I?

  3. Dear lady, you ARE a writer in every way - your way with words, your wit, your candor have always drawn me! I've missed visiting during our travels when wifi has been sh#tty and it takes all day to get a page to pull up, much less post a comment. But I've missed you. I don't even know what BlogHer is so I guess I should check it out. It would be if a bunch of us "loner" types went together, then we'd have our own "group" and we wouldn't feel awkward. :)

    1. You are so sweet, thank you Melissa! But really, I wasn't searching for kudos, I swear! I just wanted to put into words what is in my head and what is, I suspect, in the head of other WRITERS like me. ;-)

      I'm trying to get caught up on your journey, I've been a hermit and not being very social lately. But I swear I will...because I am still green with envy that you are living my dream. Although, I may have to rethink it, since internet is spotty...I might shrivel up and die!!!

  4. HubbyNoPants10:58 AM

    Bah! no pictures.

    1. I'm sorry, HubbyNOPants (did you forget to put them on today? Is that why work called to have me pick you up? They sounded a little worried) I'll be bringing Spike and Flattop back soon.

  5. You called yourself a writer! Finally, you listened to me. I'm sure it was me who bonked you with the writer fairy wand, right? ;-)I spread joy and self-awareness wherever I go, lol.
    I share a lot of your thoughts here. It wasn't in the cards for me to make it to BlogHer this year, but I am thinking seriously about BlogHer 13 already. I'm a nervous person at a conference, but the amazing BlogHer people would be worth it. I'm hoping we BOTH make it next year.

    1. How did I miss that you replied? Ack! Yeah, I said the "W" word and then promptly thought I'd be struck by lightening for fibbing. Sigh. I would love to see you at BlogHer, it would be so amazing!

  6. Twins, separated at birth. Do you have a mole on your left butt-cheek?? No? Neither do I!!!

    I went to BlogHer in 10 and I had many of these same thoughts, and I blogged them. And felt like a loner and like I didn't fit in, blah blah blah.

    Maybe we should form a club? Lonely-Blearts-Club or something. (That's an amalgamation of Blog and Hearts, in case you didn't recognize it.)

    Well, think it over.

    1. I don't have a big enough mirror to capture all my but cheeks in one frame, there might be a mole there! I should ask hubby. (winkwinknudgenudge).

      I'll do the club thing as long as there is a secret code ring, I love those!