Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Go ahead, ask me!

If Molly Ringwald can do it, so can I!

Because, like, we have so much in common:

- We were born the same year.
- She starred in movies, I watched movies...especially movies SHE was in.
- She has red hair, I've had red hair once or twice.
- We both have kids. 
- We both got hotter with age. What??
- We're both cool and popular. Hey, you keep making that face...WHAT??

See, twinsies!

So, it stands to reason that if Molly Ringwald can do an awesome AMA (Ask Me Anything) segment then so can I!

You just had your own personal earthquake of glee, didn't you? I know, I know...and I agree...this has been a long time coming and is way overdue!

Well, you need not wait any longer, ask away!

Here's how it works - you ask me a question by leaving a comment, anything you want (please see exclusions below), and I will answer as truthfully as I can.

So, what do you want to know?

Go ahead, ask me...

Exclusions as follows: Please, only questions about the bloggy person (that would be me), because really, those are the only questions I can answer....duh. Bloggy Person cannot answer questions pertaining to winning lottery numbers, whether 42 is actually the answer to life, the universe and everything, what the Mona Lisa was really smiling about or what REALLY happened in Vegas. Also, too...Blogger does not have insider information on whether the Mayan's really can predict the future, so ask your questions now before it's too late and planet Earth crumbles into a zillion tiny pieces or all humanity is consumed by zombies...whichever happens first. 

p.s. - Today's post inspiration came from BlogHer, Morgan Shanahan, who originally posted the link for the Molly Ringwald Reddit interview.

p.p.s. I just borrowed her idea, 'cause my ideas all seem to be floating on a raft in crystal clear sea sipping coconut flavored drinks with cute little umbrellas...while I'm here getting ready for a remodel.

p.p.p.s. - Don't worry, there will be a remodel angst ridden post to read in your future.

p.p.p.p.s. - You're welcome.


  1. Okay I'm laughing at you not with you. ***** still laughing but here's my question. Please tell me about your first orgasm, no, no no. Sorry the real question, gosh I shouldn't ask that one either. So are you having a nice day?

    1. Because I adore you, Suzie, I will not send you a bill for the repair work my monitor and keyboard will surely need after being sprayed with coffee. I'm STILL giggling....

      As for your question - Yes, I am having a lovely day so far...despite having to go refill my coffee cup.

  2. Just so you know, if it continues to rain here today I will be posting fiv hundred questions...

    1) When are you coming to St.Louis and or when are you flying me out there.
    2) What's your all time favorite post that YOU have written. (In your opinion, not the one that got the most feedback)

    1. 1) Um...as soon as that lottery hits, I'm there! Or, you're here. Or...THE ISLAND...ahhh.

      2) Now, that's just mean. I don't have one. I like my Hairless Alien post, because it was one of the very first and my first attempt at funny. Then there are my stories, all of which are goofy...but I love them anyway. I scrolled through my post list and I guess I'd have to say How I Got My Superpowers is my favorite, because that is the one that got me a check form BlogHer. This has inspired me to go through and look for some posts that I do like and see if I can make myself admit it.

  3. HI! It's my first time here, wth is this site all about??! LOL

    And, didn't you find Molly kind of annoying in all those movies? God, her whiny voice and preppy attitude totally turned me off! I like her much more as a real person. That said, I LOVED the brat pack movies, mmmm... Judd Nelson... I was totally gonna marry him one day!! Still waiting Judd...

    1. Preppy was highly coveted where I grew up, in The Valley (yes, THE same valley from Valley Girl). I was born in Encino and was a child of the 80's, like totally. While I never fully became 'preppy', I loved Molly because she didn't seem nearly as obnoxious as those that drowned themselves in it. And I agree, she's much cooler in real like (or seems to be from her interviews, I don't actually know here...despite our being twinsies and all). ;-) Thanks for stopping by and there is no real point to this site, just randomocity - you'll see that if you check out my Wordless Wednesdays...so, yeah...

  4. I have a few questions: Ginger or Maryann? Elvis or the Beatles? Leno or Letterman? Jon Stewart of Stephen Colbert? CSI NY or Miami? (What? these are, too, intellectual!)

  5. What's your favorite 80's teen angst movie?

    Who was your first Tiger Beat crush?

    Have you ever written a fan letter?

  6. That's hard to answer! Well....let's see, there is more than one: Ferris Bueller, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, Lost Boys, Goonies...oy, the list goes on! This isn't even order of importance.

    I actually had a crush on both Billy Idol and Adam Ant! Although, I admit a crush on one or more of the Brady boys.

    Never written a fan letter, never was very interested in that sort of thing. I did sort of meet one of the Brady boys (can't remember which now) when I cleared his table of dishes while working at my grandfather's restaurant.