Thursday, May 03, 2012

Of Hammers and Destruction

My apologies if you came here today for something interesting and/or entertaining, because  this gal (double thumbs up, pointing at self) is doing everything I can to stay awake right now and that is most definitely not conducive to coherent writing.

I swear, I will not fall asleep at this computer.

Nope, not me. *yawn*

I've got Green Day belting out St. Jimmy while I research how to mainline coffee - if I live through it, I'll be golden.

Oh, never reason to worry about sleeping (thud), the work crew (shatter) just took a sledgehammer to the shower tile (BOOMPOUNDSLAMCRASH).  {aren't my sound effects awesome? I bet you could totally imagine hearing my bathroom crumble and feel my house shake}

It sounds like so much fun!!!  Have you ever taken a blunt force object or even a not so blunt object and wailed away at a wall? Cathartic doesn't even scratch the is wicked awesome.

If I were smart, I'd create a business that allows people to destroy stuff in a safe and nurturing  environment. Some place you could go to throw dishes at a wall, slaughter plaster walls with a crowbar or take a baseball bat to a windshield.

No, I am not a violent person by nature, but breaking stuff can be SOOOO much fun!

Anyway, back to my post...

My master bedroom/bathroom are getting  a huge make-over. Here, take a look:

I know it's really dark, but this is the wall that separated my bedroom from the living room. This space will soon be taken up by a brand new bathroom and a new closet. (squeeee)

Yes, yes it is exactly what it looks like, a commode sitting in what's left of my bedroom. Lovely, isn't it? A free toilet from the city is hard for Hubbypants to let go of The free, low flush (water conserving) toilet we got from the city is still in fine condition, so being the Earth friendly people we are, we'll be using it in the NEW bathroom. It is certainly not because we are too cheap to buy a new, we're GREEN, that's what we are. 

For cryin' out loud, why can't I take a level picture? I body must be as crooked as my brain. Sheesh......

Anyway, what you are seeing in the above picture is the remnants of the master phone booth bathroom. To the left is the ugly green tile (which, as of an hour ago no longer exists {crashboombang}) and yes, it really is as tiny as it seems. Straight ahead you can see through to the old closet (that also no longer exists). Buh-bye, Teeny Tiny...I can't say that I'll miss you.

I realize perspective is hard, but s' don't really need any. You just need to know that my house is a heap-o-upheaval and will continue to be so for the next 3 month.

This is the reason for my sleepless night - a night that was spent sleeping in our temporary bedroom...also known as, The Family Room - right next to the cat boxes and in the midst of kitty mayhem. I know we'll get used to sleeping here and it is only for about 6(ish) weeks (through phase one of the remodel) - but adjusting will be tough *yawn*.

My hope is to return to you soon, Dear Reader, with a blog post that isn't so dull and sleepy.

(bangcrashboomcrack)  Oh, there goes the hall closet.

Scratch sleepy...damn hammers are loud!



  1. Woohoo! Bring it! I can't wait to see the end result!

  2. What a great space to work with. I can't wait to see the finished product. My the hammers beat gently until then.

    1. Thanks! It really is a great space. The previous owners added on the front room that we are expanding into. It's about a 400 sq. ft. room, which is now much smaller now that the rough framing is done! Can. Not. Wait!!!

  3. I think off-level photos are artsy, Melissa.
    Beating up on stuff with blunt force-- aren't there a couple of places around the country where people can rent tanks and run over stuff? Come to think of it, that would relieve some of my stress...
    Looks like a great start to the remodel, seriously!

    1. If there is a place where I can rent-a-tank, then I need to know where...because I'm all over that bit of awesomeness. I'm not sure there is a greater joy than running over something in a phenomenally heavy piece of military equipment and flattening it!!

  4. What is it about being destructive that feels so constructive! It's just plain oxymoronic! : )

  5. Screw the toilet! Promise me that, in saving pennies by not replacing the toilet, you're getting a luxury tub instead. Please? Promise? And then invite me over to take a bath when y'all are done?

    When push comes to shove, toilets are just...well...the vehicle in which you flush away waste. Who needs fancy for that?!

    1. Hahahaha...well, the reason for keeping isn't that it is fancy. More so it is because it works very, very was free...and it is water usage friendly. It was free from the city of San fancy here. Now, when we do the hall bathroom in a few weeks? Yeah, there WILL be a new toilet there!