Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday 15: Like, Zombies...duh.

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  1. A fantastic play. I laughed at the drawings and the ridiculous nature of the

    Well done. a nice piece.
    It is a talented person who can come up with something like this.
    I am keen to find out how you did the photo gallery trick.

    Big hugs


  2. You are funny. I need to start watching Walking Dead. And then Imma gonna come eat ya. And drink your wine.

  3. PW - My Wordless Wednesday posts are all about the ridiculous. I'm going to create a page for them on my blog with links to each one. It's And, I only do them when I have an idea and then it's a frenzy of paper, ink and a huge mess!

    Laine - Tell ya what, you come here and I'll make you something to eat and I'll have EXTRA wine on hand for both of us! Trader Joe's here I come! For wine, not cards....I SWEAR!

  4. bwahahahaha love!

  5. Denise - I was anxiously awaiting your visit. Zombies!

    PW - Sorry, forgot to answer your other question, I believe it is a Blogger feature when there are many pictures and/or it is part of their dynamic page views?? I'm a technical moron, so I really don't know HOW it happens.

  6. *sighs a breath of relief* No more test page!!!!

    Although I find it a wee bit interesting to be mentioned in the middle of a zombie post... I'm getting scared. Real scared. Can I back out?


  7. Once again you leave me in stitches! You have nothing to fear with your stick people zombie slayers! (isn't the walking dead the bomb?)


  8. Hahaha! How did I not know you do these? You have one wacky creative mind! Love your toons! You really should find a way to syndicate them...

    1. Thank you! I've been told that, I just don't know how and I just don't know. I fear I'd be laughed at if I tried!

  9. What is to fear in a laugh? Laughter is good. Give yourself permission to succeed. I have no idea how to do it, but I know without a doubt you should.