Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Snail Mail Love

You may recall, from past posts, that I have a 'thing' for cards.

I love to get them. [warning: not so subtle hints are likely to appear throughout this post]

And I love to send them.

But, let's be frank (unless your name is Frank, then you be YOU and I'll be me) - I mostly love GETTING them. 

So, while I was putting a little package o' love together to send to a friend, I decided to spread out the cards I recently collected.

(Click Image To Enlarge)

Yup, that's a lot.

Like, oodles even.

All looking for homes.

My home is quite lovely, by the way, and my door is always open for whatever wayward card that should come my way. (see - warned ya)

So, I broke out my phone book and started addressing envelopes.

It will be hard to part with some of them, but then just means I need to get more.

A "Hello!" received in the mail never fails to bring a smile to my face (a rare subtle hint moment). I know that when I send a greeting it will prompt the same reaction on the receiving end.  E-cards are nice, emails are lovely, the voice of a dear friend over the phone...all are perfectly wonderful to receive - but Snail Mail Love?  Nah, nothing beats it.

For the cost of a stamp, a card and a few seconds of my time...someone, somewhere...will be opening my "Hello!" and it will turn a mediocre day exponentially better.  (and will likely prompt them to immediately rush to their very own card stockpile and pick one out to send back to me. Hey, at least I'm consistent.)

Now, to get my derriere to the post office!


I also welcome larger gift items, too! You know, in case anyone feels compelled to send me more than just a card.

I am not allergic to chocolate. Or anything containing chocolate WITH nuts. Or candy...I'm not allergic to that either. All forms of sugar (and caffeine) are fine. 

I accept PayPal as well.

I'm sort of only half way kidding.


  1. Ha-ha there is something wonderful about a friendly card or any non-bill-non junk snail mail. So rare, so lovely.
    I applaud your efforts to bring back "real" mail!

  2. I do love receiving letters or cards in the mail. It adds a very personal touch! You also just reminded me that I have to put a card in the mail today...

  3. There is something extra special about a card in the snail mail, isn't there? Which reminds me that I have been terribly lacking when it comes to a little tangible "hello" for friends and family recently. Off to dig through the card stash...

  4. Melanie - It is my own personal campaign! Keep the postal workers employed - see how thoughtful I am!

    V.V. - Yay! You are going to make someones day!

    Beckey -I go through great lapses, where I forget to send cards...I merely collect them. Trying to get back on the wagon!