Friday, March 23, 2012

Putting the P in Putz

Upon reflection, after a conversation with a person who's opinion I highly trust and value, I have determined that I'm a Putz with a side of Cluelessness.

Definition - Putz (noun: slang):
1. An idiot; jerk
2.(vulgar) penis.

I don't have a penis, at least not the last time I checked. I'm pretty sure Hubbypants would have been pretty vocal about any new appendages.

But, I may have inadvertently been a jerk, an incoherent one at that.

Yesterdays Guest Post was intended to be cheeky and funny, a sort of banter between my guest and myself. It sounded perfectly logical in my head! However, I'm starting to suspect that it was just convoluted, and possibly rude.

I did a disservice to Emily by interjecting my comments into her post and structuring the post in such a confusing way. What seemed witty and organized to me, was actually in poor taste and detracted from her time in the spotlight. I didn't plan it well enough, didn't lay it out well enough and certainly didn't communicate well enough. BUT, I'm learning...slowly...and my future guest postings will be better orchestrated.

I do want to apologize to Emily, even if she claims it isn't deserved ('cause she might try to do that)....I'M SORRY.

Also, too...I hope you will all mosey on over (maybe, a little faster than that) to her blog and give her some love, because today's post is fabulous (as usual) and, well...I might not have been too far off with yesterdays "groupie" comment.

You can visit Emily at Coffee and Spellcheck HERE .  Her post from yesterday, which linked directly to her guest post on my blog, is hysterical, so please check it out.  Here is the link, to make it easy on you, because I'm feeling so remorseful: clicky this linky.

Emily, I hope you forgive me. I think you are a total Rock Star. (comment inspired by your post today)


  1. No no NO no NO nO nooooooooo! *SCREAMS* It was ALL in FUN, you delete this right now! Had it been a serious blog post with a serious topic, than yes, it wouldn't have fit. But it was supposed to go that way. That's us. SO DELETE THIS. lubs ya!

  2. O.k. perhaps this post was a bit much, a tad over the top. But, it was heartfelt. And, it is mostly about making sure future posts are visually better and more clear. And, with less me and more guest. Smooch!!!

  3. <3 I 100% understand and still had a blast with the oppurtunity to take over and or share (;p) your blog for one day! Thank you for the (un-needed) second shout out! <3

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  5. Now I know where the term jacking off comes from. It sounds so much better than putzing off. Thank you for the laughter! Both of you!!

  6. TCHHHH..
    I recommend that the powers that be strike you off the register of bloggers that care, for such a display of rude and arrogant disregard for the (guest) post of a fellow blogger. TuT TuT... I hope that dear Emily can also see to it that you are barred from her affections and punished in the most severest of public humiliations, you have seriously overstepped the mark of your own intentions aim to satisfy your devoted readers with serious mundane and boring posts.
    If you cant be serious, then I won't be coming back here again to read this funny, hilarious and down right entertaining comedy.


    Please don't strike me off too... British humour can be contrite.

    Loved your attempts as they achieved what I believe you wanted, I laughed for ages.


  7. Putz may refer to:
    Christmas putz, decorative miniature village elaborated from a nativity scene

    Which is the only definition I knew until today! Way to go on your guest post Emily :)

  8. Emily - you are THE best!!!

    P.W. - I shall hang my head in shame and off myself up for a flogging! ;-)
    Emily will administer the beating...I've agreed to guest on her blog - EEEK! Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed Emily's post - she is mighty witty and fun.

    Karen - Hahaha!! failed to give me THAT definition. Well, ya learn something every day. Now you'll forever think of the jerky Christmas penis. >;-)

  9. Oh My. Beatings. *snort*

    Thanks Karen and Suzie Ivy <3