Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hurricane of Change - Bring it!

Dear Reader...HELP!

I need for you to dig around in your brain and offer up some advice and ideas to snazzy up this here blog. It needs some pizazz, some funkaliciousness...some kind of something to help it better reflect the mind and spirit of the wackadoodle typing these words!
The look, the feel -the visual vibe -isn't working for me. I'm feeling a whirlwind of change beginning in my toes and working its way up my to my fingers, but my Creativity meter is running on empty.

Change is in the wind and I want to ride that jet stream! What do you say, want to come along?

First and foremost, I really think I need a new name. I know, I know...some of you have told me before (the last time I got this wild hair) to stick with it. But, honestly, This n That was something I thought up as I filled out the Blogger form to start this whole roller coaster adventure. I'm not in love with it, I'm not married to's sort of like a ball and chain now. "I'm sorry, Blog...I don't mean to be so harsh, it's just...well...this isn't working for me anymore. It's me, not you."
What? Like you don't talk to your blog...

If you Google 'This and That' or even 'This n That', you'll see oodles of hits. There are several other blogs out there with the same (or nearish) title.

I thought of _ Chocolate In My Keyboard_ or possibly even _Is That a Cookie in My Keyboard?_.  Both more unique, a little more like me...but...are they?

And also, do I want to switch to Wordpress? Will that give me more flexibility with different pages? I want to have a page for my Wordless Wednesday posts and a page to discuss books and another to showcase my dazzling *snort* flash fiction stories.

Yes, I CAN do that with Blogger. However, Blogger won't allow me to do what my vision says I must do. One HAS to listen to ones vision, doesn't one? The vision must be appeased!!  And vision needs keyooot fonts! Why can't I have jokerman or something scrolly and ornate? I want to create visual art with my words!

O.k. I might need to dial back the crazy. DO get what I mean, right? 

Do I defect to Wordpress? Will that give me the sort of totalitarian dictatorship that I seek in my blog dynamic?

Do I change my name? If so, got any ideas? If I pick your idea, I'll send you something fabulous. Well, at least I think it is fabulous. Or, I will...once I figure out what it will be.

What do you say, folks? Those of you who've been reading me for awhile, who know my humor/mind/heart/imagination are the best choice of brains to pick! Brraaaiiinnnnzzzzz....I need them!

I'll be waiting anxiously for your ideas to come pouring in via comments or private email. All the offers to help my blog live up to its potential, despite my driving the keyboard!

So...whuddya say?


  1. Hmmm. I have no wisdom. And a brain squishy both with an excess of both social theory and dental anaesthetic. However, as someone who once blogged at Blogger and now blogs at WordPress, I offer this: Options like number of pages, menus, backgrounds, headers and all that stuff win it for Wordpress, depending on the template you use. But the fonts? You have to pay extra for cute fonts at Wordpress, and I'm too cheap for all that. I mean, unless you want to be self-hosted through, but that's a whole 'nother thing. Laine has the wisdom on that one!

  2. I'm in the process of moving my blog to Wordpress. I'm self-hosting (OK, Acr0nym is hosting me) so I won't have the issue with paying for fonts. I really love the flexibility with Wordpress so far and it seems to be fairly easy to use. Blogger has been so wonky for the last few months with changes and issues with comments, etc. I'm looking forward to finalizing the move (just waiting for the new header image and logo from Spux).

    Anyway! This isn't about me hee hee.

    I think you should name your blog "Whipped Cream and Zombies".

  3. Aww I didn't realise that you were feeling so trapped....!!! in that word blog space.

    Perhaps you could change some of the colour schemes etc. It looks like sitting in your grandmas parlor at the moment, but I don't come here for the modern decor anyway, it is for your affable humourous wit. I doubt wherever you go you could change that.

    Name though is very important.

    So here are a few of mine that I believe would suit your persona...

    Creative Mischief.

    Creative mischief of an alienbody.

    Lies comedy and hyperbole.

    Hyperbole etc.

    Casual random nonesense.

    A word with God.

    Sanity siren.

    I think I am over doing the emphasis on a certain avenue of thought here, but I hope one of them will at least sponsor a train of thought if not be wholly

    You will have to give me a big present if you choose one of my ideas, they don't come cheap....

    Perhaps a link, or a return comment??

    Have a nice day rooting through all the suggestions that will be flying in now from the army of loyal followers..
    See I told you they would (below)

  4. I like what you've done here, but I think you should move to WordPress.
    Cawlll me! I'll email you my number.
    And I agree with Jane - Whipped Cream and Zombies.

  5. I prefer the set-up of wordpress, but I think blogger is much more of a copy and paste site... meaning to me, blogger is easier to customize.

  6. Whipped Cream and Bailey's!
    And the little blog description underneath could be (with a side of zombies) :D