Monday, December 05, 2011

Celebrate good times, COME ON!

I bet you'll NEVER guess what today is.

Here are some clues.



I'm kidding, I know y'all are super smart and have already figured out that it is International Celebrate Melissa, The Queen of All that is Glorious and Blingy and Sparkly and Joyful (Unless You Fail To Bring Her Coffee) Day.

Some people just say 'birthday'. When I'm Ruler of the Universe and Planet Earth they'll soon realize the error of their ways and make it up to me with chocolate, coffee, all things shiny and yummy and then I will only make them stay in the dungeon for a mere 2 months - because I'm going to be a most kind and benevolent Queen.

My wonderful and favorite Hubbypants hand-crafted cards for me every day since Dec. 1st. I would find them in various spots through the house, except for the one day when I stood with hands on hips, foot tapping, and asked "So, uh...where's day 3?" Fortunately it was right next to him on the nightstand, which means he'll only spend a week in the dungeon and not a whole month.

"Dear Madre" is from my daughter, who took one semester of French...go figure. She won't be doing any time in the dungeon, because moisture just wreaks havoc on her hair. But, she gets toilet cleaning duty every day for a month. Not because she was naughty, just because it's my birthday month and I don't want to do it...and I'm Queen.

The Bourne Trilogy card, ON BLUE-RAY ya'll...jealous much??, is from my son. Amazon, according to him, is a ginormous pewp-head and will not be delivering my gift in time to celebrate International Celebrate Melissa, The Queen of All that is Good and Glorious and Blingy and Sparkly and Joyful (Unless You Fail To Bring Her Coffee) Day.  He's been bitching about it for a week - I'll only send him to the dungeon for a couple of days, seein' as how he's so broken up about Amazon not delivering on my special day.

I'd send Amazon to the dungeon, but it isn't big enough...yet. Watch yourself, Amazon...I'm calling a construction crew RIGHT NOW!

My weekend was spectacular. My Sister-in-Law bought me cutest apron, complete with polka dots and cupcakes! She WILL NOT be visiting the dungeon.

I spent my Saturday with her & Daughter strolling the streets surrounding Union Square in San Francisco, which was all dressed up in its holiday finest.

Disclaimer: It isn't your vision, these images ARE fuzzy.
Stupid cell phone.

 Below is the view from our table in the Nordstrom Cafe, 
where I sat blissfully sipping my ginger Manhattan.

 And enjoying a most delicious pumpkin cheesecake, 
with some pecan-ginger crunchy goodness and
vanilla ice cream and cranberry glaze and...
I want a birthday EVERY weekend!

 Just one of the many things I love about San Francisco,
the Big & Small of it.

Then on Sunday, I I family willing and gleefully accompanied me to the Dickens Fair. What a fun event! Because this is my birthday post and it's all about me, you'll just have to click the link above to read more about the fair. I'm just going to show you what I bought!

My new weapon of mass destruction pen!
It's very sharp and pointy...on both ends.
I didn't even have to go through a background check! 
Like duh, 'cause it's not really a weapon. {yet}

  You dip the grooved glass tip into the ink 
 then pretend you are in Victorian times 
writing to tell your lover of the new clandestine meeting location.

Or...about how cool glass pens and Velicorns are. 
Pickles the Cat was overseeing the production.

And that about sums it up. Oh, wait!

I also wanted to thank BlogHer for featuring (is that the right word) my Super Powers post under their "What's New" section on their main page. I was actually on the front page today (well...I'm not any more, 'cause there are other new & awesome posts there too..but I was, for a bit, front page news!). It was a coincidence that it happened to be today.

And, with my super powers post in mind...

So, if I ever bitch and moan about anything, point me back to this post to remind me how extraordinarily wonderful my life really is.

Happy Birthday....TO ME! :-)

Who's in charge of my cake? Can I have pie instead?

And if you bring whipped cream I'll erase your name from my dungeon list!


  1. Happy birthday to you! (I have whipped cream!)

  2. Normally, I'd say "Happy birthday." But because you are clearly not normal (smile), I will wish you a Happy International Celebrate Melissa, The Queen of All that is Glorious and Blingy and Sparkly and Joyful (Unless You Fail To Bring Her Coffee) Day.

  3. WOOT!!! Happy Birthday, sweet lady! Wonderful to hear that you got to celebrate in style. (I covet that pen.) I wish you all the chocolate, cake, coffee, pie, whip cream, and Jason Bourne your heart desires :)

  4. Happy Birthday! I have some pumpkin pie. I'm in Maine, so I can expect you sometime soon, right?? Did I mention HAPPY BIRTHDAY!?!

  5. Hear ye! Hear ye! Three thousand cheers for the Queen! Hip-hip-hoorah! Hip-hip-hoorah! (etc and soforth 2,998 more times).

    I hope you had a fabulous International Celebrate Melissa, The Queen of All that is Glorious and Blingy and Sparkly and Joyful (Unless You Fail To Bring Her Coffee) Day!!!

  6. Also? Congratulations on the BlogHer feature :). I knew it was going to be the Super Powers post!

  7. Happy, happy birthday! Although I am extremely angry that you went to the Dickens Fair without me. I am prepared to forgive you, and will do so while eating cake. No pie is currently in the house.
    How wonderful that Super Powers was on Blogher today!

  8. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!!

    Denise - If you lived next door to me, I'd be at your house ALL THE TIME! You are probably counting your blessings about the # of states in between us right now, huh?

    George - What is that 'normal' thing you speak of? >;-}

    Desi - You've summed it up nicely. Really, what more could a gal want?

    Jenn - I've always wanted to visit Maine! :-)

    Jane - thank you! I still think they made a mistake and they are going to figure it out soon. ;-)

    Melanie - Oh.Ehm.GEeee! You would have loved it. It's still going on, get here quick...just 2 more weekends!

  9. happy birthday, I'm sorry i am a day late and a dollar short. hugs!

  10. P.S. the photos don't look fuzzy to me! And oh, that cheesecake. I like that you had already had a few bites for the "non-perfect" way it made the photo. I wouldn't have thought to take the picture then, but it works!

  11. Happy birthday!! :D I will serve you well when you rule the world!! I am a great coffee go getter and a goodie maker! lol

  12. Karen - It's my birthday MONTH, so you are right on time.

    Melanie - I rarely think to take a picture before I dig in. I have to taste it before I can share with the Interwebz...what if it's awful?? Ya know??

    Sammi - I will absolutely need an assistant! Someone has to pick up my cape & tiara from the cleaners!

  13. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Happy international celebrate darlin'! May your wishes of world domination come true this year... just be kind to the little folks who knew you when, once you are officially crowned, okay?