Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fare Thee Well, November NaBloPoMo...Now Scram!

It's here.

NaBloPoMo is over.

Fini. Kaput. The End.

And just to mess with ya...

I'm playing with the alignment

And sort of making myself dizzy.

 You are SOOO ready for me to go away take a break now.                                                      Ain't ya?

In reality, it is only the November NaBloPoMo that is over. 
There will be more, December for example. 

.emit ym etsaw yletelpmoc ot ytiliba dnuoforp a dna slliks tnemeganam emit on yletulosba evah I esuaceb ,sdrawkcab gnipyt m'I won dnA

(Translation if you are gonna get all lazy: And now I'm typing backwards, because I have absolutely no time management skills and a profound ability to completely waste my time.) 

Now you really need a break from me, huh?

 I have my post all ready for tomorrow, Dec. 1st - which kicks off my birthday month. 
You heard me  

In all seriousness, which I am capable of at random intervals, but of which isn't predictable and thus hard to capture on camera and can't be used against me - wait, that's another topic...never mind.

But seriously, this adventure in daily blogging was loads of fun. It has shown me that I am capable of so much more if I could just rein in the quirky and focus...FOCUS...on producing something 'real'. Fortunately for me I've decided that I don't always like living in real reality and will continue with as much randomness as possible, which I will let it dance a nekkid jig with quirky. I believe I excel at that. I also have no real idea of what I just said and suspect it makes little sense.

But there ya have it. 
(and this isn't a link, I just like pink and I rhyme).

So, tomorrow's post is scheduled and I'll be taking the day off  - after I post it everywhere that is: Twitter, Facebook, Starbucks community board, bathroom stall at the mall, G+, yo mama's backside, BlogHer, etc.

While I'm taking a break,
I will probably dig into my box of goodies...

And send out a few cards.

Because, Blogging and Email and Facebook and Twitter and And And And...
Cannot possibly duplicate the feeling of getting something addressed to YOU in the mail.
Next to talking face to face I believe it is the sincerest form of communication.
Anything that takes time to hand write...
Stuff in an envelope...
Address said envelope...
Then LICK *gag* to seal
Affix a stamp...
And then drive to the post office 'cause you missed the damn letter carrier!!
Is a helluva lot more personal than anything else.
So there.

Hey, I'm over here!

No, I'm not on medication.

Or, inebriated. Yet.
Almost there, Jane.

WOO-HOO! That was for you, Jane.
I had to count out the right # of p's. 
Just like you specified.
My head hurts from typing on this side.
And all the p's.

You should see all the red squigly lines.
My spell check does NOT like backwards stuff. 



  1. Hahaha! I love it! I like the idea of a Birthday Month! That is an excellent plan fellow Sagittarius ;)

  2. Hahahahaha! Happy Successful NaBloPoMo, my friend! I suggest a celebratory coffee with whipped cream, followed by a few wedges of pumpkin pie. You did it! Woot!

  3. HAHAHAHA! Just LOOK at all those beautiful p's!!!

    Congratulations. You done went and did it :).

  4. Great to meet you this month, Melissa. Enjoy your month-long birthday celebration, starting with a mention of your blog in my post today:

  5. I have loved your month of daily posts! They were awesomely hilarious and I think I want to try wordless wednesday haha
    Keep up the great work!!

  6. Glad you survived the Vampires. zombies. All of them. Also, congrats on surviving NABLOPOMO!!! I had to spell it, because I miss spelling it already (not!) Seriously, congrats. And also? Jane said you were making more pie... can you send some to Maine?

  7. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Congratulations on having made it through with NaBloPoMo to the end!

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