Saturday, November 19, 2011

Discovering, Questioning - I'm Still a Work in Progress

"It's Saturday and there's no blog post yet!" Hubbypants announces.

He's my only biggest fan and I love him oodles for that.

Today is Day 19 of NaBloPoMo and I'm teetering, unsure if I can sustain 11 more days.

But, like a Weeble that wobbles, I'm not going to fall down.

Don't know what a Weeble is? Too young, you say? (lucky you)  Here, let me introduce you and you're welcome for the earworm.

It's interesting, this Blogging thing. I sit on my computer chair and create something from nothing by letting my fingers skate across the keyboard. Inherently they know where to strike, having received signals from my brain - ideas and phrases -which my fingers translate into the letters that make up what you are reading now.

The mere fact that someone, YOU, is reading this at all is rather miraculous to me. I'm still in awe that YOU return to read more.

This Blogging every day adventure is interesting because it is more than just stringing together words on a page. I am discovering and questioning.

Discovering that I need more writing experience, maybe even a class or two  twelve. I'm discovering that I do have some talent for writing, or at least my fingers do - there is a chance that THEY are responsible for what happens here instead of my actual brain.

Questioning what exactly to do with Blogging, where to take it and how? And maybe, the bigger question of why? (bigger questions require bigger, fancier font in pretty colors - just because I can. Just don't keep clicking it, there is no link. STOP CLICKING ALREADY)

 I've ruminated ad nauseam on this blog about what to do when I inevitably go back to work. I may have even fantasized about writing and being paid for it. Then I find myself doing what so many other bloggers have already written about this month - comparing. When I compare, I realize the futility of fantasizing about something I don't have the skills for. Lack of confidence seems to be a theme among emerging writers and a few who will be reading this post will shake their heads and relate.

Reading other blogs is a double edge sword - the Green Eyed Monster of Jealousy rears its ugly head and invites its BFF, Doubt, to join in the fun (fun being sarcasm, but you probably already knew that. I just like putting stuff in brackets and shrinking it). drives a would be writer to up the ante, to reach a little deeper, to think a little harder and strive for 'better'. Reading the work of other writers is one of the best motivators to improve myself (or, plan to do so at some undetermined point in the future when I've stopped being a giant procrastinating lazy-pants).

What NaBloPoMo has taught me is to accept that I am not an inept, no talent hack. While I may have a gazillion miles to go to catch up to some of the wonderful writers I read, I now accept that I don't have to BE them to be good or worthy of praise.

So, I guess this post is to say thank you to the wonderful writers I follow and who frequently comment on my posts. You inspire me to drink from the well of Great and to stop accepting Mediocre.

And finally, I'd like to thank my Hubbypants for showing me the new format on Blogger, which has all sorts of neato options for embedding videos and, the highly coveted (by me) strike thru. I've been wanting to use that feature forEVAH!

And a final finally, a little diddy to remind us that we are still on a journey, still learning...and it's all good!

Write on, my BlogHer, Blogger and Blogging friends!

Your choice


  1. yet another blogpost from you that made me smile :)

    i feel the same as you, people actually read my stuff? ok not many but some do! don't ever short change yourself, you have a writing gift!

  2. Of course you'll get through another 11 days through pure determination, grit, and possible gnashing of teeth (perhaps a tug at a tuft of hair or two)!

    I hate that feeling of inadequacy I always get during NaBloPoMo while I binge on newly discovered blogs. But I appreciate so much the opportunity to meet new folks (you!) and find inspiration to be better that it's worth the twinges of confidence-questioning.

    I'll be interested to read about what you decide to do to move forward with your writing.

  3. A. I absolutely know what weebles are. They wobble but they don't fall down.

    B. Hubbypants is not your only fan.

    C. I have missed you because I've been all wrapped up in myself lately - me me me book book book. I am sick of me!

    D. You are an amazing writer and most importantly,

    E. You always make me laugh and I need to laugh.

    F. Oh - and I'm thinking about dumping Twitter. It feels like people yelling all the time. Gives me a headache.

    G. XOXO

  4. Oh - H. I don't know what NaBloPoMo is. It sounds a little dirty. I hope it's dirty.

  5. Write ON! I love your blog, admire your talent, and am always grateful for the smiles. :-)

  6. Yes, you need to continue to write. I think you have MADD SKILZ! And thanks for posting one my theme songs!