Sunday, November 20, 2011

No creamer, no problem!

I'm out of coffee creamer this morning.

Don't fret! There is no need to panic, like I started to...until...

I opened the refrigerator door and a heavenly light shown upon the whipped cream canister. Some would argue that a light shows every time the refrigerator door is opened, but this was special light - because the angels were singing too - it is, after all, whipped cream.

A mound of whipped cream gently stirred into coffee is JUST the thing for a creamer emergency.

That is how the cultured, classy people do it. The do NOT squirt the whipped cream in their mouth and then take a sip of coffee. And then repeat. Repeatedly.

Me? I've got all kinds of classy goin' on up in herre!  I've got so much classy that Martha Stewart calls ME for advice. Well, she would, but the restraining order doesn't allow any form of contact. I think she filed for the restraining order to keep herself from relying on me so much. I imagine she wanted to try and make it on her own. Good luck, Martha...I'm here if you need me, just look out your window and give me the signal. I'm only 500 feet away, like the order says!


On a lark this morning I tried to log into the campus portal for the college I was attending to see if I could still access my information. Nope.

I completed the Fall 2010 quarter and then decided I needed a little break to wait for my super powers to kick in - just in case I was suddenly graced with Smarty McSmartpants powers or something.

I've now been off for 3 quarters and I'm starting to feel as if I should *do* something, jump back into the fray. I am ----this----close to earning my A.A. in Liberal Arts. Just a few more classes and I'm there.

Until I went on sabbatical (which sounds so much grander than *quit*), I was carrying a 4.0 - that is until that last class, where I earned a B. I've tried to cut myself some slack by reminding myself that I had surgery, was whacked out from thyroid hormones and had trouble staying awake. It just doesn't matter - I was only 15 points away from an A and I just couldn't do it.  That is one regret I'll take to my grave, as silly as it sounds.

I'm not sure what is keeping me away now, other than not knowing exactly what to do when I've earned that degree. Not sure what the next level is.

I've read articles about women in mid life who step away from their old careers to grasp the golden ring and finally, FINALLY do what they've always wanted to do.

But I don't know what I've always wanted to do. Writing and blogging are fun, but I don't know if I could - or would want to - make a career out of it. I'd love to work in a museum, but I doubt they'll pay me to just wander around "ooh"-ing and "ahh"-ing over all the brick-a-brack.

Photography? No.
Creating/Crafting/Chefing? No. 
Running a B&B? No.
Writing novels? No.
Dancing in the woods nekkid during a Wicca ceremony? Oh, well...maybe...

I even checked into the requirements or certificate programs for Ruling the World  - not a lot of options. Well, none really. Maybe I should start my own school?

Ultimately, I've decided I need to go to the campus and meet with someone to sort out what I've accomplished and what needs to be completed. I'll do that...very soon. I swear.

What about you?  
Are you looking toward the future and wondering W.T.F. do I do now? 
And, if you are, what steps are you taking toward your goals? 
Do you have an "I've always wanted to..." story?

Ack, I'm out of coffee - again! I'm not sure about using whipped cream, it seems to be sucking up all the coffee - I'm already on my 3rd cup. Weird.




  1. whipped cream sounds amazing in coffee. if i don't go to the store, we will be forced to use emergency back up creamer tomorrow (the powdered stuff) but now that i know how wonderful whipped cream is, maybe i'll skip the store trip... mmmmm

    i have always wanted to be retired and travel the world with my soulmate. i'm living the dream. so happy i am out of the rat race. i don't miss it one bit.

    thanks for today's dose of smiles :)

  2. speaking of squirt sip...i have a funny to tell you. i had a can of batter blaster (every use that for pancakes?) it comes in a YELLOW can, that looks just like whipped cream. son in law grabbed it from fridge thinking it was whipped cream and squirted a big squirt into his mouth. there was lots of spitooey's and yucks going on that day... haha!

  3. Coffee and whipped cream is great, unless there's blueberries hidden in the mix. I just can't go there.

    I always wanted to be the President, always, always, always. But I started out going to college for Mass Communications, which is what the Guidance dude told me to do after I said I wanted to be the girl in "outbreak" the one who was all smart and traveled the world. When I found out that Mass Communications was advertising and radio and that I'd end up at McDonalds I moved onto Photography, which led me into Political Science, which then morphed into Equestrian Sciences, which some how sent me to Dog Training School. Which is why EVERYONE should vote for me to be their President. After all, I can lie to dogs to make them get a beer out of the fridge, with a quick jingle and a picture to boot, all while on horseback. Makes sense to me. I have 7 credit hours left to get my degree in whatever all of that would be. Right after I finish finding myself in my 6 year break from school. *snort*

  4. I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. When I grow up I want to be a teacher, I think. Though I'm not sure if I want to teach grownups or wee ones, or both. I'm very hesitant to go back to being anyone's employee again, but without a miracle or a business partner the dream of opening a child-led learning centre seems a little impossible, these days.

    It took finishing my undergrad degree to figure out what I don't want to be doing for a living. Hopefully finishing a graduate degree will do the opposite!

    Thanks for the food for thought (and the yummy coffee advice)!

  5. OMG, do I ever hear you on the grades issue. I was a little bit of a perfectionist in college. There were no excuses for me, either.
    You know, if you don't know what you want to do, give yourself time to enjoy it all. There is no point in jumping into something you don't want to do, right?
    (but I vote you continue to write!)

  6. ummmm, you mean you're supposed to squirt it in the cup???? dang it.
    Anywho (sounds fancy huh? better than "whateva") I think that you are amazing and can become anything you desire to be. I have told you before and I shall tell you again, I admire you and am inspired by you my friend xoxoxo