Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Dawn of Day 6

Hello, Day 6. {In my head I sound like Newman, greeting his arch nemesis, Jerry - my thoughts dripping with snide contempt}

I'm sitting here gazing out my sliding glass door, which I'm SO happy I cleaned just before it rained, looking at an overcast sky with more chances for precipitation. (I really do love rain, if ya want to read my story about it, just click here).

I'm also sitting here sipping coffee and eating English muffins that I made last night. I say, "muffins" in its plural form because I screwed up AGAIN and made them too small. S''s hard to eat just one anyway, so the smaller the muffin the smaller the guilt. I dare you to find fault with that logic [you are welcome to use it toward fun size candy bars (plural) as well].

So, why this contempt for a Sunday that is starting out so mahvelous, dahling?

I'mma tell you why...this writing every day thing is hard!

Harder than I expected it would be, at least in the first damn week...which isn't even over until tomorrow, Day 7.

I may sound like I'm whining, well...because I am, but I do realize I took on this challenge and it is only me that I am held accountable to. But, Whiners love company and there is a good chance that other NaBloPoMo writers will be reading my blog and thinking, "I know, right!" So, this is for them.

Thinking about how fleeting inspiration can be has made it clear that some of my posts are likely to meander into randomocity, and yes even more so than is typical.

I've spent much time over this week reading other blogs and I'm happy to learn that I am not alone in trying to find my niche. To be clear, I read 'food blogs' and 'review type blogs' and 'mommy blogs', all of which have an overall theme which makes it clear what they write about.

For awhile, I thought I didn't really fit anywhere.

Blissfully wrong, was I. Or, how would Yoda say that? Wrong, was I, blissfully. Meh..anyhooo...

There are tons upon oodles of blog writers out there just tapping into their inner whatever and writing about everything and nothing. There is an art to writing that unstructured, letting whatever random idea guide you. I've decided to embrace my ability to not be labeled into a certain 'genre'?? of blog writing. Free-form, willy-nilly, footloose and fancy free - that's gonna be me.

You may be thinking that I already write that way and you are right, but remember I couldn't figure out what to write about today so nothing is as good as anything. Right?

This project, while I anticipate will make me want to tear my hair out some days, is so exciting because I see blogging has made it into hands (and typing fingers) of average folk, who are not so average in their ability to draw you into their lives. I see people like me out there in the blogosphere. And plenty more NOT like me, which is even better!

What about you?
Are you trying to develop a themed blog?
Do you have your posts for NaBloPoMo all planned out?
Or, are you a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-just-wing-it kind of writer?
(psst...if you are, we'll form a club, secret handshakes and passwords and stuff)

So, I believe I've rambled on enough about nothing and my coffee cup is painfully empty.

Blog On, my friends.


Whew. Made it through Day 6. Even though I have NO idea what I said, or meant to say or...ya.

What the Hell am I going to do for day 7?

Who's going to get me more coffee? And maybe some breakfast.


  1. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Congrats on an entertaining Day 6 post! : )

    I have ideas planned out, but I've started to deviate from my plan already. I looked at my list and I didn't like my idea for tomorrow anymore. Fortunately I saw something on TV that I could use, though, and I've got it ready to go tomorrow morning.

    Before NaBloPoMo, I was posting 3 days a week. I expected it to be harder to do this every day. I feel like my list is a safety net, but will I be good with it in Week 3? Will I decide to stick with daily blogging in December and beyond? I don't know. But I do feel a little more like it's not so daunting to find ideas. And I feel a little better about time management, too. I started the blog about 2 years ago, and it was sporadic back then, so I'm happy with how far I've come. I will keep taking baby steps!


  2. Or, are you a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-just-wing-it kind of writer?
    (psst...if you are, we'll form a club, secret handshakes and passwords and stuff)

    that's me. i got today's done early because i really slacked yesterday. i was scrambling at 11:30 pm central time to just come up with a few sentences. you're doing great! this is a fun challenge write? hehe

  3. I try to plan mine out, but today's ended up being a stream of rambling thoughts because I couldn't put a cohesive post together. BUT. It's a post! Good luck with Day 7!! (love Seinfeld, reference, btw)

  4. I too loved the Seinfeld reference!! I am a random fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants writer lol I am looking forward to the club and secret handshake! ;) haha I love your posts they crack me up!

  5. I totally know what you mean about feeling a weird pressure to niche-ify one's blog, Melissa. But, I honestly don't think the world needs more fashion/cooking/mommy blogs written by people who only kinda/sorta have original ideas about the subjects. I say bloggers should focus on the original things they have to say, and if that doesn't fall into a category we'll just find a way to work around that. If Seinfeld could have a prime-time TV show about nothing, I think you can safely have a blog about 'nothing.' ;) I'm not taking part in the NaBloPoMo, but (for the record) I want in on this whole secret handshake business...By the way, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog about your grandpa's coffee shop in Santa Monica! Imagining rollerskating around there brightened my dreary morning. :)

  6. Miscellany is my middle name. Very encouraging to find there are OTHERS!No topic or non-topic is safe from me.
    Please don't talk about week 3 any more. I may be writhing and drooling by then...

  7. It's funny you would start this post off w/a quote from Seinfeld. Coté Writes is exactly right!

    When I was having trouble finding my blogging niche a couple of years ago, Lex just looked at me with that look he gives...his "duh, Jane" face and said...

    "You're a Seinfeld blogger. You blog about nothing. And people eat it up."

    Welcome to the club :).