Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shhhh.... vewwry vewwry quiet! I'm hunting wabbits!

No, not really.

But I might as well be since I'm up way too early for a Sunday (or, really...any day).

And yes, 7:30 A.M. (that's Ante Meridium - a.k.a. Ass-Crack Of Dawn) is early for me.

As is typical of moi, my ideas for upcoming posts did a lovely little tap number on my brain last night and then exited, stage left - through my ears and have not been seen since.

It's now morning and even my coffee is feeling lazy, because it hasn't started to work its magic yet. Sitting on my couch, sipping my coffee, I'm trying to think of something - ANYTHING - to say and I'm plum fresh out of ides: sip, think, nada, more sips, more thinking, more nutin'. Vicious cycle.

I will say this, the Earth isn't moving either. Between sips & nothingness, as I'm trying to do the whole 'thinking' thing, I'm gazing out of my front window at a wall of trees that appear to be playing a game of Red Light, Green Light. You know that game, where everyone starts in a line and the leader (or Stop Light...I guess?) turns their back and EVERYONE stampedes to be the first one to reach the SL, but when the Stop Light turns around everyone has to freeze - COMPLETELY - or they'll be exiled back to the starting line.

I think that's what the trees are doing. When I look at them they are lifelessly still - there is no breeze goading even the most agreeable leaves to dance. The very tippy top of the trees, which usually refuse to play along, are still as statues.

It is almost like time has stopped.

But there is that movement that always seems to happen in the peripheral, but when you look it's gone. It's like there is an alternate world there, in that peripheral, one that we only get glimpses of. But right now, it's as if time has stopped.

Wouldn't that be cool, if only for a little while? To stop time, effectively stopping EVERYTHING from moving (except me, of course).

I'd pet something.

I'd pet a something that would normally bite me, perhaps even lots of me, if I could stop time. Like maybe a Siberian tiger or a great white shark or trace the scales of an alligator - maybe even stroke the smooth skin of one of those kill-you-dead-in-seconds snakes that live in jungles. I 'might' even try to pet the belly of my cat!

Wouldn't. That. Be. AWESOME!

Of course, I'd bring plenty of hand sanitizer - reptiles carry salmonella. Just because time stops, doesn't mean germs suddenly lose their agenda of wiping out the entire human race.

Wait....what's that? Damn, I hear the birds chirping. The corner of my eye keeps catching an occasional twitch from the tree limbs. The world is waking up.

It's 8:20 - sheesh, it's about damn time. Lazy planet.

So much for rolling over the cat, the glaring at me like she knows what I'm thinking.

Back to my coffee and watching the world come alive. That whole "thinking" thing can wait.

Happy Sunday and PEACE Out.


  1. As a sort of bizarre aside, scientists at CERN just found particles that exceed the speed of light. If it can be replicated, your tiger-petting experiment could be a reality one day!

  2. Veronica10:37 PM

    Wow that's a lot of thinking so early on a sunday

  3. LOL LOL LOL!! "Ass-Crack Of Dawn" ROFL!
    Pet.. Siberian tiger or a great white shark?????! What? Eh.. Well.. Ok..

    Hope you had followers widget on your blog! Would have loved to follow you!