Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When She Went A Visting...

Sometimes one just needs to start writing
just put the words on paper (or screen) and see where they lead
maybe even avoid punctuation and grammar rules and capital letters
all in an effort to light a fire under the ass of inspiration, imagination and....
damn, can't think of another word
I like putting words in 3's. Not sure why.
I should probably rethink that tactic.

And when one starts writing and the writing isn't going anywhere (see above), then one should consider having breakfast to fuel the brain.

Because (despite it going against every belief I hold dear), apparently coffee ALONE is not considered breakfast or appropriate fuel for a healthy body and brain. I think those scientist folk are a little wonky in the head, iffin' ya know what I mean. (psst...drink more coffee)

But, nobody is listening to little old me, so ...I'll go eat and see what happens.

(10 minutes and 2 pieces of toast with blueberry jam later...and more coffee...really, what'd you expect?)

This past weekend my beasties and I went to SoCal to visit my branch of the family. Beasties = my children who bickered with each other every chance they could (which means whenever they opened their mouths). In case you were wondering.

I'm going to make this brief, because I really can't think of much to say.
I'm sort of spent and I don't know why.
Well, that isn't true - I do know why, but it isn't worth dredging up old monotonous thoughts.

So, here ya go...my trip 350(ish) miles south.

Started with lunch in Ojai, CA.

My beautiful auntie and the beasties. Beastie #1 thought I wouldn't take the picture if he had food hanging out of his mouth. He's still learning the depths of my orneryness.

Kat couldn't take the incessant chewing. My lovely auntie took it all in stride, or had no clue that they were being such...beasties.

Beasties with great-grandma - Beastie #1 chomping on a bread-stick...again. Was that the same one? Hmmm, perhaps the bread-sticks were a tad dry?

Dining tables at the cafe. They were lovely.

I'm posting this because Beastie #2 has worked very hard to be that flexible. She also loves making me wince, which is what I do every time she does this. My back cramps up and my lunch rolls to my throat when I watch her do this. It's just creepy...

Great-gma's house is very Zen and peaceful. See for yourself:
And Molly kept an eye on us, to make sure we didn't get out of hand. It's VERY quiet there. Very. Breathing seems too loud and the cats look at you funny, like you are disturbing the Force of Zenness.

Then back to auntie's house for pool time and more camera avoidance for Beastie #1 and camera hamminess from Beastie #2.

Not ham - or, otherwise known as, more elusive than The Loch Ness Beastie.

But I am persistent

I am as persistent at stealing his soul and capturing it on camera...
as he is about hiding from said camera.
That kid was on my last remaining nerve.
I'm nerveless now.
Natural side effect from having teenagers, I guess.

And then when mommy's last nerve is trampled and buried 6' under
She takes ALL the floaty thingies out of the pool and...viola...
Bigfoot, The Yeti and Ole Nessy are laughing their asses off,
because THIS picture is why they never pose.
He's going to HATE me if he ever sees it.
I'll file this one under:
"Pictures to blow up for his wedding day..."

And lastly, because I think they came out pretty cool...

There is a lot more I could say about my visit with my auntie: like the food, the conversation, the laughter, the torturous pedicures that lead to the cutest toes in history. But, I'm not going to because I'm still in the throws of writers block-y-ness. And it would make me sad that I'm not still there.

So, until the next writing inspiration strikes...Peace!

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