Thursday, July 14, 2011

Really, I have no idea...

There are several things I want to write about.

Unfortunately, more than a few of them have jumped ship.

And the ones that remained behind are missing pieces.

Like leper thoughts.

Like that image?

Of disease ridden words.

I don't.

See what sort of gobbledygook pops into my head?

I need to coax those other thoughts back.

So today I resolve to write stuff down.


On my forehead if necessary.

So that I can remember the nifty things to write about.

But, wait...

If it's on my forehead...

Then when I go to look at it...

It will all be backward...

And what if it's like a record?

When played backward it speaks satanically.

Now I'm back to the leper image.


So, I guess maybe you can skip today's post all together and come back another day when I've retrieved the thoughts that are not so devilish.


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