Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Cheesecake & Restraint - Never the twain shall meet...

Busy, busy, busy <----My day.

Lots to do.

Although, you wouldn't know it by the rate at which I am moving.

By that I mean, I'm NOT moving - just the fingers, across the keyboard...and an occasional scratch or wiping the sleep out of my eyes.

Coffee appears in my hand, but I'm not entirely sure how it got there.

I might want to be careful about what I type, since only my fingers are awake and lack the filter my brain often provides. brain will get over it, I'll just buy it a drink and tell it how smart it is.

My 13 yr. old made it home last night from a 9 day trip to Hawaii.

Sans parents (well, sans her OWN parents, she went with a friend's family).

She romped in tropical paradise, while her parents were home slaving away - one of which (that would be moi) had to work as a beer wench for 11 hours to raise money for the cheer squad.

You are no doubt wondering what beer has to do with cheer-leading.

It just does & you don't want to know, 'cause it will just make your eyes roll back in your head.

AND....I couldn't have any of the beer. Ya, mull THAT over. Did I mention that I served it for 11 hours?

Back to the return of the Teen...

ShaKayKay (names have been changed to protect the potentially embarrassed - a perpetual state for a 13 year old) was still on Maui time and me, being her doting and loving mom, stayed up to hear all about her adventures (for 5 minutes) and then watched her catch up with her friends on Facebook - until 2am.

Alright, so what if I was on Facebook too...she started ignoring me first!

Sleep started knocking on the back of my eyeballs, so we snuggled into the couch together and then *BAM* next thing I know it's almost 10am.

So, two cups of coffee later, here I am....STILL trying to wake up. My brain is catching up's already read back through to make sure I didn't say anything weird (well...weirder than usual).

We've decided that returning from a trip should be celebrated with cheesecake.

Lots of things should be celebrated with cheesecake: sunrises, sunsets, birthdays, un-birthdays, get the picture.

So, we are going to Charlie's Cheesecake Works today.

It is here, in my own town, right under my nose.

Sirens go off in my head, "DANGER, DANGER, ALIENBODY"

So much deliciousness just a few short miles away.

Restraint will be the word of the day. Not that I'm going to actually practice it, but it is a good idea in theory.

Now for the gritty side of the day: Laundry.

The new washer is ready for pick up, which we'll do when Hubbypants gets home from work.

It is lovely having a Man-Boy (that being my 15 1/2 year old son) to help with all the things I used to have to help with. He will get the pleasure of helping Dad unload and install the washer.

So...the point of mentioning the washer is that I have a butt-load (sometimes referred to as a 'shit-ton') of laundry to do.

Both terms, in my opinion, should be standardized, legal units of measurement.

There are few terms that really sum up the enormity of laundry that needs to be done - "boat load", another cutesy term, is too...cutesy. It isn't dirty and gritty like "shit-ton."

So, I will be buying a sampling of mini-cheesecakes to get me through the "shit-ton" of laundry that I cannot start until sometime later tonight AND that I need to have done before I leave on my trip tomorrow (oh, ya...there's the packing too).

And yes, the laundry HAS to be's just a 'thing' with me.

Don't ask...more eye rolling.

Cup o' Joe #3 is calling as is a shower and efforts to tame the coffee scented dragon breath (ewww).


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