Tuesday, July 05, 2011

It's Only Words...

...and words are all I have, to take your heart away!

Words to steal a heart are so much less messy than knives or swords or what have you.

Like how I took endearing song lyrics and associated them with some barbaric serial killer sort of act.

Ya, I knew that you would.

You is MY kind of people.

Although, truth be told...I can't watch those icky slasher movies.

I'm a wimp to the nth degree.

This post is not about blood spurting hack-'em-up slasher movies.

This post is about words.

More specifically, words that give you a bubbles-in-your-tummy giddy feeling (not gassy, giddy).

The words I picked, that you'll see in a minute...just hold yer horses, are words that I've encountered since my last blog post on the 3rd.

Some of them are from blogs I've read recently, a book, and my son as he was working on an essay. (Yes, he's writing an essay during summer vacation...damn high school is trying to get these kids ready for college. The nerve...goofing off is just as important you know. Don't get me started...oy).

I often encounter bubble-giddy words, but usually just breeze over them.

Not so, this time...Lucky You!

Also, this is by no means an exhaustive list.

The list of words I love is NOT ginormous, but rather small actually.

I just can't remember them all right now, so I'm only using these few.

Yes, I'm finally getting to the words.

My goodness you are impatient.

Here we go...

Kerfuffle: A commotion or fuss.
Now, this word sounds like it should be in the flatulence family. "Oh, pardon me, I just kerfuffled." Of course, highly audible and odoriferous flatulence could lead to a kerfuffle...so, yeah...there ya go...same family.

I gave the simple definition of kerfuffle, but really...meaning' of a word rarely has any bearing on whether I like it or not.

It isn't a major factor in whether it gives me champagne fizzies in my tummy.

It is the 'SOUND' of the word.

Commonly found palling around with Between - getting into all sorts of vague scuffles.
Betwixt and Between - neither one nor the other, neither here nor there.
Betwixt alone is dandy, but when left to run amok with Between it is just magical - because, that unknown middle can offer so much possibility and potential (when one does not get stuck in the middle muck and sucked in forever).

I think this should be a wild-card word. Like the joker in a card game, you get to choose what it will be to suit your needs. A culinary word that means cutting herbs into little slivers (short version, I'm sure) just seems too humdrum. Now, it would be more fun to use it as an 'anything' word, like: "I'll just grab my chiffonade and we can go" or "That man just grabbed my chiffonade" or "My chiffonade is out of wack/backed up/on fire/lonely/hiding/wet..."
I mean, just imagine the conversational chaos you could wreak and the imaginations you'll spark by using such a wild-card word.

Now, THIS word is here because of its meaning. I picked part of definition #3 from Dictionary.com, because it best described my love of the word: "...an imagined or projected sequence of events, especially any of several detailed plans or possibilities..." In other words, scenario is another word for story (in my opinion), one that can evolve any way I want. Since I LIKE to be the Queen, I therefore LIKE to make the scenarios do as I wish. Surely you can see why this word would be on my favorites list.

There can be some bad juju hovering over tumultuous, since it is often used to describe explosive relationships, situations etc. But, the sound is so provocative - as if it belongs with 'voluptuous' or 'sumptuous' (both having been used to describe me, by the way. Ok...not really, but it could happen). I just like the sound of the word, it's sexy, and I do like that it means turbulent - a disruption of sorts - since upheaval is sometimes necessary to move forward into something bigger and better.

Little need be said of this word(s). Wait...can Nth stand on its own? Or, does it need a partner (hearken back to those bff's, Betwixt & Between)? Yes, it DOES need it's own bff. Nth describes a measurement of sorts, whether it be "It was delicious to the nth degree" or "This is the nth time I've asked you to take out the garbage".

**Now, if you use nth degree on a teenager when referring to something you've asked them to do several times, of which they ignore, you may find yourself in a debate over the number value that nth implies. Take the garbage refrence above for example- a parent may see, "This is the nth time..." as something measuring into the double digits...possibly triple, while a teenager will see it as "Huh, you only asked me like twice?" Thus ensues a debate over the necessity of having to say/ask ANYTHING more than once. Nth is tricky, use it with caution.

So...have you been humming the Bee Gees song in your head the entire time you've been reading?

No? Oh...well, let me help that stick in your head then...but you'll have to click the link, because I'm an idiot and cannot figure out how to embed the video here. I need picture instructions...sheesh...

Bee Gees: It's Only Words

It's catchy, no?

Of course it is...AND...it will be with you ALL stinking day.

It has been with me since July 3rd.

I'm hoping that by leaving it here, it will hitch a ride in YOUR brain instead.

You're welcome.


Oh...and feel free to leave your own favorite word (not song, or I'll hunt you down, I swear) in comments. I'm always looking to add to my collection.



  1. Oh yeah, it's there all right...actually I was hoping that chiffonade would have something to do with eating lemon chiffon pie while wearing a lovely chiffon dress. Great words - I like kerfuffle very, very much. I'll find you on twitter, if I haven't already.

  2. forgot to give you a word. For some reason, the one that popped into my mind was "afficionado." It's so wonderfully pretentious...

  3. My tumultuous chiffonade was wet for the nth time and boy did it cause quite a kerfluffle!