Saturday, June 11, 2011

Read Me Talking

The title will make sense...soon. I hope.

Or it might not. That is always the risk when you visit me here - an absence of sense.

Last night I lay awake in bed thinking about my callous disregard for proper English.

O.k. I can clearly see that you are still stuck on the part where I say, "thinking". I DO think ya know, occasionally - and - sometimes coherently.

Let's move on...shall we??

I laid awake thinking about the conformity that writing requires, because rules are necessary and I do like authors that follow them. Yet, there are some that cling so desperately to a format that the 'reading' becomes tedious and I'm reminded that I'm just reading - I'm not really part of it.

That statement makes me think, "Do I really NEED to be part of it?"

I dunno.

Then there are authors that manipulate the rules in such a way that the words slither like tendrils off the page and inch-by-inch draw you in - you forget that you are not actually part of the story. You are no longer reading, but feel as if you are there, sitting in a corner listening to the characters speak.

Is this making sense so far?
Are you even still reading?

I read back through my recent posts and I am clearly a dissenter - snubbing my nose at what is right in the hopes of having a conversation with you in black typeface and white screen. A conversation that you not only read with your eyes, but that you hear in your head - as if I were actually speaking the words.

Q: Can this be accomplished by never ending my sentences with prepositions?
A: Sure it can.

Q: Can it be accomplished without an over use of...well...(these little dot thingies)?
A: Absolutely.

Q: And...(but I love those little dots)...can it be accomplished with proper punctuation and not-all-those-damn-dashes? As in, using these: ; ! . ? (colon, semi-colon, exclamation point, question mark - wait, that was the end of the question, so I need to use it).
A: I'm sure it can.

I follow a cooking blog, Pioneer Woman Cooks, and she is a great example of drawing the reader in to her kitchen and making me feel as if she and I are cooking a meal together. I do believe she does it by sticking to the rules, that thar is talent. I aspire to that sort of greatness.

I know that I will never be a 'real' blogger, mostly because I lack ambition, commitment and....well....good ideas - but, I am also a grammar flunky and ignorer of what is proper. (example - using "ignorer"- just because I like the way it sounds) There is also the purging of thought onto computer with only a nod toward editing - editing is good, but also BORING.

My goal is that when someone does read what I've written, they will leave feeling as if - despite where in the world they are reading from - we've sat down together, face-to-face, and had a conversation. Granted, it is a one way conversation - but you get the gist. They won't care that my editing skills are non-existent either. Or that the top half of the post doesn't tie into the bottom. Hey - that's the way conversations go, ya know?

So, no pictures today.
Just me getting off my chest what kept me awake last night.
And wondering if I'm making any sense.
Am I?
Do you 'get' it?

Happy Saturday & Peace!

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  1. I get it! I like writing that sounds real - like the way we really talk. And often, we end our sentences with prepostions, we talk in dots and dashes - it's real! And when we talk, we rarely say "whom" when we oughta. So, there ya go!