Monday, June 13, 2011

Best Laid Plans....

Is it normal for a person to have arguments with their own brain?

I'm asking for a friend...not me, of course.

Because arguing with oneself is just crazy.


So, this 'friend' believes that the two sides of her brain are at odds with each other. Each night she lays down to sleep only to be flooded with thoughts. She suspects that Brain 1 (B1) flipped the lever to open the flood gates, making it difficult for Brain 2 (B2) to sleep.

So, just as B2 is drifting off these ideas start to trickle in and then, being the over achiever that B2 is, she ( starts building and expanding and thinking, thinking, thinking.

B2 now signals the Body to get up and write it down.

Now B2 AND Body are awake, neither of them able to sleep.

Sometimes it isn't an idea that needs writing down. It is a plan for what to accomplish the next morning: A walk around the track, early morning shopping, tackling those pesky household chores.

But then, this is where B1 shows her (or his...remember, my 'friend' would like to say anonymous) evil side and starts to put OTHER, counter-productive, thoughts into action.

Like, maybe walking the track would be better to do LATER. And that whole shopping thing, no...just use up what is already there. And wouldn't it be wise to update the blog before tackling those nasty chores, when the brain is fresh and alert. You know, just an example - I'm not saying this 'friend' of mine has a blog.

You see? This poor friend of mine suffers these daily battles and is always at odds with the opposite side of her/his brain. I wish I knew how to help my 'friend' overcome this roadblock.

I guess it is just time and willpower, resisting the dark side of the brain and not giving in to that warm and cozy feeling that dilly-dallying temporarily induces.

I'm going to recommend that she have anothe rcup of coffee and really think about how she can stop procrastinating. Or, him.

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  1. Hrrmmm... I have a 'friend' that is exactly the same. I hope your followers have some wisdom that will help both of us... err, I mean our 'friends' ... ;-}