Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Prelude To A....


Bet you can't guess to where...

This is a map.
Some of you might recognize it from old movies or maybe your parents used one (and still do).

Before the Interwebz, MapQuest, Google Maps or [insert favorite mapping name here], people used these to navigate from one place to the next.
I'm old enough to have actually used one myself!

While I am enamored of instantly accessible directions (LOVE map apps on my phone), I do still LOVE paper maps.

I love the detail and perspective. I love unfolding a new one and making it all crinkly (and yes, I CAN not only read a map I can also refold it).
I used to love following the highway and checking off each city and point of interest. I could see my progress - where I've been, where I'm going.

I'm a Google Maps nerd - I will enlarge an area of the world just to see what's there. I'll follow a river...a road...zoom in to look right into your back yard...wait...never mind.

So...let's move on, shall we...

Prelude basically means an introduction. I like to think of it as "something that comes before." In this case, the Prelude is the mapping of our route.

Prelude also means...

PACKING! Yay....not. I hate packing. Hate with a capital KILLMENOW.
I'm not going to talk about it, other than to point out that my suitcase is black and pink.
Pink is a reoccurring theme in my life.
My shoes from a previous post are case-in-point.
I like the color.
It is feminine and frilly and sexy.

There are all sort of accouterments that get thrown in the suitcase, and many more tossed in the car at the last second. You needn't worry yourself over those.
The suitcase is the image I want you to have, an association with the expectation of adventure.

There are lots of other things that Prelude getting in the car and letting the road pull you toward whatever it is you desire.

The final thing, for the sake of this post, is a book. I'll bring one with me to read for pleasure. This, however, isn't it the book I'll be reading for fun.
This book is what will hopefully help me to take pictures that are NOT like what you are viewing now.
It will help me take CLEAR pictures, with all the right colors and light (or close enough for amateur work).

Although, I guess the poor lighting of this photo makes it seem aged...like the idea of maps and navigating by compass and such (which will NEVER cease to be cool). I mean really, ANYONE can follow voice commands or explicit written directions. But to 'read' maps...follow a compass...awesomeness.

Tomorrow we leave.
There may be a post or two from the road, depending on time and my ability to stay awake after a day full of discovering. Which really means: can I figure out how to download images onto my laptop??

Saturday will be my solo day - all on my own.
Just me and my camera.
And my inability to operate it.
I bet you can't WAIT!

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  1. I cannot read a mad to save my life. Seriously, I get lost at the ZOO without my husband there to read the map. It's sad, I know. But it gives me an excuse to keep that sexy beast close!