Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Picture Is Worth...

Peeksures....I LOVE THEM

I love their honesty

And their ability to tell a fib

I love the brilliant color

And the romance of black and white -the poetry of sepia

There is an air of authenticity to photographs
Not having been born yesterday
I do realize there is a plethora of photo manipulating software available
Any image can be made to tell whatever story the author wants
Photo-doctoring aside
what IS true is that a lens captures reality and moments
When allowed to
when left au natural
A Photo captures expressions
In finite detail

Images don't need software to tell a fib

Photographers and journalist have been telling little white lies for ages
What is left out of the frame
is sometimes
as compelling as the subject itself

Not all captured images are ‘captured’
As much as they are artistically arranged


I don’t care

(more fun to say than pictures)
(and we are PEEKing, are we not?)
(PEEKing into someone elses reality)

can be picked apart


You could let them tell you their story

Your interpretation

Not the tale the photographer intended

The whole point of this post is to say that whatever pictures I post here, whether my own or “borrowed” from the Interwebz (I’ll return them, I swear) reflect my vision of the world…whether they were meant to or not. *wink*

A picture is worth
Whatever you want it to be.


And no...there are no peeksures today.

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