Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Gypsy Life For Me

Have you ever been convinced of something intangible?

Absolutely, completely and thoroughly SURE about something you cannot see or touch?

For some people that would be their faith.

For me?

For me it is the unwavering belief that The World is waiting for me to come explore it - with the antsy-arms folded-foot tapping-checking the wristwatch constantly sort of anxiousness.

I've yet to figure out how to give The World what it wants.

But, a gal can dream.

And when THIS gal dreams, you know it's going to

I want a Gypsy wagon.

Traveling with a Gypsy wagon in our modern world would prove a challenge - parking would be a bitch.

BUT...I could park it in my back yard.

And then I wouldn't need to feed and care for horses. See, I'm thinking frugally.

One of these would work just fine:

It would fit in my back yard nicely, tucked away next to the avocado tree.

Of course, if I were a nice mom and wife, I'd get one of these:

A nice little slide out to accomdate the whole family.

I'm not sold on that idea.

It just smacks of that whole "share" thing and I want a Mom Cave...all to myself.

Of course, I'm a huge sucker for my family, so they can come in once in awhile.

Especially if they bear coffee and French pastries.

A quick Google search reveals that I am not alone in my love of Gypsy wagons.

Or, for that matter, the idea of a simple, unencumbered lifestyle.

I loved all the images, from fancy and lavish...

To simply serene...

But even if I were ruler of the world (which will happen, just you wait - my minions are working on it this very second), you would not find me in a giant castle or mansion or penthouse loft.

You'd find me here...

And, perhaps even here...(while not a Gypsy wagon, I would love to stay here even for just one night).

Nick's Cove in Point Reyes, CA. This place is on my bucket list.
I dream about a cottage where the balcony kisses the sea.
THIS is where I want to be.
But, again if I were ruler...the neighbors cottage wouldn't be so dang close.
They could probably hear "everything".
Ya, a bit of distance would be nice.

For my fellow Gypsy-At-Heart readers, I'll leave you with this collage.
Peaceful dreams, my friends.

p.s. All of these images were "borrowed" from the Interwebz.
I'll return them when I'm done.
I promise.

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