Friday, April 22, 2011

Tread lightly

Please use your whisper voice while reading this.

My head is pounding, someone has taken a hammer to my skull.

I want to go back to bed, but *someone* (me) needs to get the Easter basket shopping done.

I don't suppose it would be considered good parenting if I were to just give the kids cash in an Easter card and then send them to the store to buy their own candy...would it?

Come on Tylenol, do your magic....hurry, get a move on, shake a leg...hustle!

1 comment:

  1. oh momma!! I feel your pain... but a quick solution? Go to your nearest Riteaide or CVS, buy small baskets, and all fillings right there, then go buy STRONG headache pills, then go HOME!!!! See? all in one spot! feel better. Love ya xoxoxo
    (btw - I just bought my stuff the other day, and bought them each a gift card for Claire's Accessories (to stick in their baskets) yesterday while they were browsing in the store lol)