Thursday, April 21, 2011


I absorb expresssion in two ways: photography and words. That isn't to say that the two need to go hand in hand. I appreciate captions on photos, but I don't NEED them. I gleam what I want from them, seperate from what the photographer intended. I see things; angles, shadows, positions, light, texture....things that tell me a story even the creator of the image cannot express.

The other is words. These words may come in the form of a novel: lengthy, descriptive, verbose. Or, song lyrics that set up residence in my heart. And maybe...they are words birthed come from blogs, Facebook, Twitter, or...go figure...actual conversation.

Words creep through their medium, whatever it may be, and knock on my brain to say, "Hey...didn't you say this very same thing just last week?"

Yes, I think I did.

I'm not alone. Someone else thought it. Wrote it. Published it. Put themselves out there to be met with adoration (for speaking what so many wanted to say) or criticism (again..for speaking what so many wanted to say, but didn't because it wasn't frustratingly warm and fuzzy).

I guess, what I'm ultimately trying to say is that I value, so very much, anyone who tries to express themselves through my two favorite mediums. Anyone to seeks to make a connection or make an impact or...both...maybe. Ultimately, this wordy entry is dedicated to my friend who has made the leap to putting her thoughts and adventures into words, for all the world to stumble upon. No matter if it is done overtly or covertly, she (like all of us who choose to blog about our lives) have put ourselves on display and put ourselves up for critique.

When she created her blog, it was like my heart whistled a tune. The feeling was like that of hearing the ice cream man on a hot summer day and knowing he's just around the corner.

She will appeal to me, because she is a wife, mother, wearer of many hats.

She may not appeal to someone else because of those very same things.

That is the beauty of words.

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