Thursday, May 26, 2011


Oh! Well, lookey here ( you are already looking at it, bear with me)...Now, where was I??

Oh! Well, lookey here!! I have a blog! [sarcasm]

Fickle-dee-dee Me, has once again claimed to embrace blogging only to play the role of aloof-ness and abandon the effort lickity split-like.

I jumped in to the whole story-write-tell thing and then along came fund-raising and cake pop making and...well, I've surfaced for air and find that I'm just as directionless as when I started.

So, perhaps I'll be back again to write tomorrow...perhaps not until the day AFTER tomorrow. It is my creative liberty to do as I wish...or not do as I wish. I dunno. I'm fickle, remember!

But here's the deal ---> right here, can't you see it??

Here's the REAL deal - I'm going to start a journey on June 1st. It's a little discovery journey and it's going to kick off my summer and perhaps, if I don't get distracted -ooooohhh shiney- wait...if I don't get distracted I can figure out a thing or 20 about myself.

I want to include pictures. Yes, I put that in writing. I can edit it out later if I slack off on that too....goes with the whole creative license/freedom thing.

O.k. gonna git my Betty the Baker self in gear and make those cinnamon rolls.

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