Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trippin' on the Dark Side

So...what happens when you start to tap into your creative side?

Well, you (meaning me) start to write super short short stories that you (again me) eventually learn are called Flash Fiction.

This Flash Fiction is decent, so it gets submitted to a contest and makes it through the first cut.

This inspires the writer (come on, you know who we are talking about, right?) to write more. This 'writer' then starts getting ideas about putting down on paper a story idea that has been swirrling and stewing around in her brain. This isn't a nice story. It isn't a sweet story. It is sexy and dark. It is a story that isn't going to stop harrassing the brain of the writer until it gets its 15 minutes of fame - or at least gets written down and shared with friends.

So, it is interesting to find out what lurks inside a person. Perhaps unchaining the cellar door and letting it out  might be kind of fun (and yes,, we are STILL talking about is MY blog after all).


  1. Flash fiction is a good way to explore story ideas, definitely. Congrats on making the first cut in the competition!

  2. Hi, Just stopping by to say hi - say your great post on WOW. Signed up to follow you. Stop by to say hi at my blog: We WRITERS have to stick together :0

  3. Like what you wrote on WOW! I identify with a lot of what you wrote.. Fear is all that holds me back. I think a blog is my next step. I will check back....