Friday, April 08, 2011

Let's Get It Started In Here!

She said: "Oh honey, if these delightful people are going to take the risk of 'following' you, you'd better get some snazzy, jazzy goin' on up in here! This blog is B.O.R.I.NG. with a capital SNORE!"

Other She said: "Boring? You think so? Wait...did you say f..ffff...followers?"  Other She faints... conversation happened in my head (craziness factor just went up a notch).  Well then, let's let crazy rein and start exploring how to improve this slumber inducing monologue of my life.  How shall we proceed?

1. Learn to upload pictures! I see them on other blogs and I love pictures...L.O.V.E. them. (I'm obsessed with National Geographic and stalk it daily on Facebook - my other obession).

2. Steal ideas to blog about.Have daily epiphanies of things to blog about.  I am NOT a master of blogging about the mundane ordinariness of life.  People that do that are royalty to me - how they weave everyday life and events into a page full of words is amazing to me. I admire their imagination, creativity and skill. *curtsy*

3. Figure out how the HELL to get a DAMN Facebook link on this so that any followers that stick around will know when I post a new blog. I'm SO un-savvy. Think I need to get Hubbypants involved, use them mad technical skillz of his to transform my blog into awesomeness: GEEK POWERS ACTIVATE!! blog may never achieve greatness, which is fine...because that is such a hard thing to live up to day by day by week by month by year. I just want to create when the Imagination Fairies see fit to sprinkle me with inspiration. And I want to stay true to my inner quirky.

For now, I need to check on my poor son who just had all 4 wisdom teeth removed, because they were being naughty. And I need to finish baking those peanut butter cookies (with mini-chocolate chips...duh)...OH and can't forget to pick up kid #2. This reality thing is SERIOUSLY cutting into my Zen. 

Stay tuned!!!


  1. I am proud to be your follower.:-)
    And,I need to put more pictures on my blog too. People do such snazzy things.

  2. Um, it won't let me follow you! It says Mah Peeps, but there's not follow link! I need to stalk, er, uh, follow you!