Monday, March 28, 2011

The Levee Ain't Gonna Break - SUN!!!

There is a bright yellow ball of light in the sky, intermittently and not all that warm (yet), but it's there! This burst of sunlight has quelled the desire to gather animals, two-by-two, and start building an arc. I've temporarily removed snorkel gear from my Target shopping list, it is still spring so the weather can go either way.

BUT, for now, the forecast is gloriously clear of the little rainy cloud graphic...WOOT!

Of course, you KNOW what this means, don't-cha? The lack of  hibernation inducing weather has put the kibosh on my exercise avoidance excuses. I'm even...dare I say it...looking forward to working up a sweat. Me? Jury is still out on the sanity of this revelation.

As soon as hubby gets home he's going to download the Couch to 5K program onto my iTouch (that is after I found out where the Tween Girl Child hid it). Apparently, according to the glowing testimony on the website, I will be transformed from a lumpy blobby mess of a couch potato into a runner by following a progressive program that is suspiciously lacking assurance that it won't kill me.

I've never been a runner, nor have I ever been interested in running. Ever. Not one itty bitty teeny tiny iota. Until I hit the big Four Oh a whopping two years ago.  The epiphany hit while looping the track with my kids, one of which was jogging ahead of me. Four laps around equals 1 mile(ish) and I was suddenly struck with the desire to achieve that mile while running...the ENTIRE time (one really needs to define this goal, because I could cheat and walk/run the mile. Nope, I wanna run the WHOLE time). So, inspired by a couple of fabulous friends who are already doing the program, I'm going to take the plunge.

Of course, the program is progressive and I will only be expected to run for about 30 seconds at a time.  I remain skeptical about my ability to run for a full half minute. I'm fully expecting to die, right there on the middle school track.  But in case I survive the event, I'll be back to post my progress...likely after I've self medicated (who doesn't love inebriated blogging??).


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