Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Attack of the Sniffles

Sidelined by a cold. {I felt this was important and should be eye catching in order to incite sympathy. Commence with "Oh, you poor thing"}

This sucks.

There is only enough room in my head for a precise number of things, whether they be thoughts, brain cells or mucus.  I am apparently not losing brain cells at the rate I originally thought (or at least I don't think I I/?). The reason I suspect as much is because I have no ideas for a blog this morning, my story ideas from last night are LONG gone and my head is full of pressure.

I need to keep a pad of paper next to the bed.


I need a nifty pen that has a built in flashlight so that I don't disturb Hubbypants when I have an o'dark-hundred epiphany. 

And I'm a little worried that my computer is possessed by gremlins or Blogger is tappin' into something wacky, because it isn't behaving. STOP SAVING MY DATA EVERY 10 are confusing my ENTER key. 

I had better quit before the problems start pointing to user error. I'm off in search of tissues.

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