Thursday, February 03, 2011

More Fun with Fiction in a Flash

The destruction of the human race was an unexpected perk.  She looked out through the heavily leaded glass upon the silent streets, observing that only the mechanical citizenry remained.  She never was one for the chattiness of friends, it always seems so claustrophobic, so she was pretty sure she wasn’t going to miss the rest of humanity.  Cyborgs were much easier to get along with, most of them didn’t even talk back and those that did only spoke to confirm a command. She could be happy living like this; the last survivor.  What she wasn’t sure of is exactly how she got inside the lab.

She knew of the war, in fact she knew many things…really just bits and pieces like fragments of a memory. She knew that men had postulated and puffed out their chests and cried chants of war for some perceived wrongdoing to their country. Like a virus the arrogance of their own superiority spread through the planet, every country seething with hate and lusting for power.  She just assumed she’d been injured in the mêlée when it all came to a head and they wiped each other off the planet. It perplexed her as to why she was spared. Was the room insulated somehow?  She assumed it must have been, because the sign on the door said: Cyborg Experimentation Lab – Level 5 Security Access.   

The drawings on the wall depicted a remarkably human looking cyborg. There was something about a specialized brain, but much of the words were foreign to her. Hadn’t she heard rumor of an experimental program to create the first free thinking robot? What a ridiculous notion, a robotic cyborg who thinks as humans do. She’d love to ask someone about it and have them explain what had happened to her, explain why she was in this lab, why she’d been on the exam table and why she could only recall misty segments of her immediate past.  And lastly, she really wanted to know why these people had used her as a model for their cyborg prototype. It was extremely disconcerting having your very own image staring back at you from a large scale drawing. 

Being the last human on Earth might not be so fun after all. Perhaps it was time to leave and find some answers.  She never noticed the sticker that fell from her back as she left the room, the one that read: Eve5 – Inspection Passed Ready for Production.

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