Friday, May 09, 2008


This morning I played a rousing card game of war with my daughter before she had to get ready for school. This was an amazing game. I cannot recall any game of war that I've ever played that involved THAT many actual wars. We had dozens of them! No shit...really! War is one of those games that can go on forever, with each side gaining an edge and then losing it again.

As for the repeated 'wars' I couldn't help draw a parallel to real life. She is my daughter and I love her dearly, but she is also the bane of my existence sometimes. This game of war gave me flashbacks to our (many) recent battles, many of them ridiculous (since very few parent/child battles are legitimate and necessary).

We played on and on, war after war, each getting ahead and then falling behind. Finally she had to get ready for school and we counted cards. I won by 2 or 3 cards - which translated means that I'm still the mama and I'm still in control. But, as with any war, if I rest on my laurels and let down my guard, I'm toast. As she enters the tween years there will be fewer cards in my pile at the end of our games, I'm sure of that. Hmmm....I must start strategizing the next phase of this 'war'. {{wink}}

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