Monday, July 21, 2008

Like a Bucket List, but NOT!

In the movie The Bucket List, a list is made of activities to do before one dies. Usually it involves thrilling activities like skydiving, scuba diving, race car driving, visiting foreign lands, summit know, stuff like that.

I have a list, too. But it isn't a list of stuff I want to do before I kick the bucket. Don't get me wrong, I want to do some of the stuff above....well...for sure the scuba diving and visiting foreign lands...but MY list is stuff I want to now. MY list is a LIFE LIST. All of these things flutter through my mind on a regular basis and I usually end up in a regretful funk because my LIFE LIST items are simple and don't involve
potential loss of life or limb. I get into a funk because I should be doing them now and not procrastinating. Of course, that would involve spending less time on the computer and goofing off, so you can see why this list doesn't have any little crossed off marks yet.

So, my LIFE LIST is a living, breathing thing. It is constantly evolving and it's made in no particular order. Oh...and this list is by no means done. By the time I finish
writing this list, I'll have come up with a handful more!

* Learn Sign Language
* Cook entirely from scratch
* Learn to sew
* Grow my own medicinal herbs
* Learn how to use above medicinal herbs
* Volunteer in my community
* Be more selfless
* Earn an AA
* Earn a Masters
* Earn a PhD (who cares in's a freaking PhD!)
* Spend a week/month at a beach house
* Spend a week/month at a lake house
* Buy my own damn beach cottage!
* Put a Gypsy wagon in my back yard with a KEEP OUT sign. It will be my mom cave
* Learn Spanish
* Memorize the multiplication tables (nope, I don't know them....believe it or not)
* Learn how to use my fancy
smansy camera
* Learn what to do with all the pictures I take with my fancy
smansy camera
* Exercise every day
* Meditate
* Become more spiritual (even though I consider myself atheist)
* Learn to make all the Greek dishes my
Papu made
* Stay in better touch with family and friends
* Speak up for what I want and how I feel (easier said than done for moi)
* Figure out what the hell my talent is and go with it!

That's my list. Now what? I need to start somewhere. Hmmm, how about with a cookie? numnum num

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  1. What a great list! You will have so much fun trying to achieve them all. Enjoy the journey-you are not alone.