Monday, January 14, 2008

Why now?

Why is it that your mind gets all flippity-gibbits before it shuts down for the night? I have never been able to fall asleep easily, often it takes concentration to NOT concentrate on ANYTHING, so that I can clear my mind and nod off . I climbed into bed last night, seemingly very sleepy (I had a couple glasses of wine AND some cold meds, so I should have been out like a light!)...yet, the minute my head hits the pillow all these words start bouncing around in my brain like kids in a jump-house! I was thinking of people and their lives and how they react to situations and what makes them tick and how I usually just watch and don't get involved. Then all these words started to stand in line and I had to get up and write them down.....because they wouldn't let me sleep! Once I wrote them down and went back to bed, more words started to demand attention! I couldn't get back up again, so I'm afraid they might have abandoned me, but this is what was left.


What am I when I watch?
When I listen and learn.
Who am I when I seek understanding
When I need wisdom
When I won't choose
Wishy washy?
Who am I when I open you up and peep inside?
When questions haunt me.
Guidance drives me and.
Understanding awaits me?
Who am I?

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