Wednesday, October 17, 2007


As I was leaving my daughters elementary school, a friend of mine flags me down to ask how school is going. I replied that it's just fine, figuring that she was asking about my kids (since her son goes to the same middle school as mine). It became clear that she was not talking about them, to which I replied "OH, YOU MEAN MEEEE!!!!"

I was thrilled that she thought about asking me how the college pursuit is going. Someone referred to me as a College Co-Ed. I wish! However, I'm sure there is an age limit on that (like 21 maybe) and with my 39
th birthday looming in the very near future, I'm way past being able to claim the Co-Ed title.

Since I never went to college I still have to work through my GE. Being that I'm a full time mom and wear all the other hats that go with that (chef,
chauffeur, CEO of MI Casa & circus ring leader), I figure I'll still be working on it when my kids go off to college. They've each said they are never planning to move out, so I may actually find myself in a class with them! Hmm, Mommy & Me Calculus?? Considering how much I suck at math, at least I'd have my kids at home to help me....or, maybe just offer them free room and board if they'll do my math homework for me. Ya know, this might not be so bad after all.

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  1. Do your own math homework! I know it's in you. You're going to do great and we'll all be there to cheer. I'll come to your graduation - we can swap stories of geritol and the latest enhancements in walkers.