Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Wagon

The Wagon was so much taller than She remembered.

When She fell off of it the last time, the ground felt closer - the fall shorter.

Now, She stands staring up at the drivers seat - a shadowed figure holding the reins that were once hers.

"Your wagon has come and gone," The Shadow hisses, "just accept the new dreams and plans I've made for you. Your place is there...on the ground, not up here in the What Could Be. There is no room for you up here."
And the wagon grew taller.

A noise rose from the back of the wagon, smaller shadows peering over the edge, shouting down at her, each baring the mark of what is already etched into her brain: Fear, Failure, Doubt, Insecurity.

They taunt Her with stories of all Her past failures - convincing Her how easy it is to not even try. "Regret," they shout, "is just a fact of life. What's one more to add to the mountain? Just give up, this wagon belongs to us now!"
And more shadows appeared.

She looked around her, at all the comforts that giving up offered - knowing that the familiar would accept her back with open arms. 

The Shadow sat at the head of the wagon holding reins She willingly handed over. She watched as decay started to seep from the Shadow's hands into the lines that harnessed all of her plans and dreams - threatening to spread and contaminate all future attempts to create a new part of Herself. 

And so....

Despite her fear of heights...
Despite a climb that seemed impossible...
Despite the threat of losing her grip and hurtling toward the ground...again....
Despite the assault of taunts thrown by shadows that have overtaken HER wagon...

She decided the reins were hers...and She wants them back.

And so, She reaches up to grab the first spoke of the wheel...

and begins to climb.