Monday, June 17, 2013

She Forgot To Remember

So, there was this girl who couldn't do things.

Well, she could, but she just didn't know it.

She felt as if anything and everything was just too hard and her capabilities just too soft.  She knew there was this thing called Drive, a force that delivered a person from a desired goal to an achieved goal. She was sure she didn't have the directions to such a place, her GPS was pretty useless for that.

And then, the strangest thing happened - she tried.

She started slow and talked herself through it, sometimes through gasping breaths and the threat of throwing up everything she'd ever, ever. 

She felt as if she was going to die.

She's pretty sure she did, at least 3 or 4 times.

She went farther, she went higher. It hurt more, it hurt longer.

But she wouldn't stop.

And at some point, she looked back and discovered that she forgot to remember her limitations.

Now, she looks into the distance, which is like gazing into the future, and gives those limitations her best Clint Eastwood gunslinger stare-down (spaghetti western music echos).

She's quick on the draw now, because she forgot to remember that she wasn't.


  1. love it - it is so true... we never know what we can do until we do it - sometimes we need an extra push... and then once we do we can't imagine not doing

    1. I'm so lucky that I have a supportive and encouraging hubbypants that has cheered me on over all these hills...he's fantastic. I must say though, it is easy to look back and acknowledge how hard it is to start and keep going, especially when you aren't sure everything will ever stop hurting! LOL

  2. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Love this!