Thursday, March 07, 2013

Under the wire Post - Santa Cruz to the rescue!

I think the Kaiser vampires sucked all the imagination out of me today.

Four stinkin' vials of blood - serves me right for going so close to lunch hour.

Greedy bastards.

And I have a bruise, because I got a stabby vampire who was a little over anxious - apparently I'm irresistible.

So, to ease the trauma I went to Santa Cruz, specifically to a coffee shop that has a fabulously moist and delicious gluten free pumpkin spice bread. I'm not entirely sure I ate it - I suspect I was hypnotized and someone stole it, because one second it was there and the next I was covered in crumbs and my fingers were sticky. My theory is that my mind was strong enough to fight the hypnosis to defend my breakfast. I gave the stink eye to everyone in the place, but no one looked like they were I think the thief ran out the back door. At least the coffee place let me top off my coffee before I left. Thank you, Coffeetopia and you might want to keep an eye out for that bread stealing hypnotist.

This day? Oy...attacked by vampires and bread stealing jerk, I felt the need for ocean rejuvenation.

The seashore never disappoints. An incoming storm tossed waves at the cliffs, frothing them into tufts of whipped cream. A pod of dolphins strolled by and no surfers became a lunchtime snack for a shark (because, it seems, sharks have more manners than the damn vampires). And the unicyclist...totally awesome. Quirky Santa Cruz never disappoints, thank you for that.

Yay! I wrote a post! Now time for laptop shopping with my teenage daughter.

Oh, this day just keeps getting better and better...(snark on steroids).

As usual, my time spent reading by the ocean was sublime - there really isn't anything like ocean rejuvenation.