Friday, March 08, 2013

She Wore Red

It often lay there, at the bottom of the special little pocket in Her purse, buried beneath the less cheeky colors.

She shied away from this particular color, it always made too much of a statement. The other colors dressed her in subtlety - no flash, nothing to draw and unseen.

To paint Herself in such a flirty color implied many things - It brazenly says, "You can't ignore me! I'm not invisible today!" It doesn't shout, "Don't look at me!" like the pale mauve gloss so often given the poll position on top of the lipstick pile. Red doesn't say, "I'm just a Chapstick kind of girl". It stands upon her skin as a battle cry to the world that would otherwise let her pass unnoticed - it shouts, "You have no idea what you're missing!".

No, Red was not her lipstick of choice.

So, imagine Red's surprise when it was lifted from the bottom of the pile, given a few quick twists to expose the erect shaft of deep ruby pigment, then slid across Her lips, caressing each and every inch of skin.

Hers were not young lips. They'd seen frowns and laughter and an gloriously infinite number of smiles. Red didn't care, they were lips that deserved a day of bold and sassy.

Red vowed to convince Her more days should be spent being noticed. Red wanted Her to know that even 30 years from now, when all the crevasses on her face finally connect, from under her eyes to the tip of her lip line - Red will still be there for her. Everyday can be a red lipstick day!

Today...Red will reign.


  1. You never cease to amaze. Honestly.

    Side Note: I feel kinda dirty from reading this. <3

    1. Because I come up with the weirdest most random nonsense? ;-)

      If that's how you felt, then my work here is done. (giggle)

  2. Something about the word "shaft," lol. Right on. Can ya dig it? Cue Issac Hayes.

  3. Haha Melanie said Shaft! and you said some things that made me slightly dirty too! heheh :)