Wednesday, August 22, 2012

She Went Adventuring

I went to a park. The park was outside - where there was sun and grass and bugs and everything. I know this picture post starts out with 'today', but it was yesterday's today. 
It was epic.
Just watch.


After a stroll through the rose garden, I ventured to...

The day was too gorgeous not to.  

Good golly, this place is completely off kilter!
Someone should do something about the crookedness...
it's a tripping hazard, ya know. 
Or, it is my camera. I might need a new one...

Members Only? Aw, drat! 
I wish I would have kept my jacket from the 80's,
I just never expected it to make a comeback. 
(You have to be from the 80's to get this, if might be too young to read this blog, please show ID at the door)

Well, at least the grapes didn't have a 'members only' sign.
Of course, they were way out of my reach.
Unless I shimmied up the post.
I could have if I wanted to, ya know.
I just didn't want to, so there. 
I can buy my own damn grapes. 

Large ball-like thingy dangling from the palm tree.
I don't even need to say it.
Y'all got this, right? 
Let the jokes begin.....

I bet it comes to life at night...stalking downtown San Jose...


 The museum really should look at leveling this place out. 

 Beautiful light fixtures!

 I love the visual.
It plants the idea that nature
has eminence
 and that we
need to yield 
and go around.  
Or, I'm just making that up.

 That's me in the middle, 
and those are my minions bringing me coffee
with whipped cream
and Bailey's. 
And my Queen of The Universe and Plant Earth tiara. 

That's it. All done.
Hope you enjoyed the trip.
If you want to visit these places yourself, clicky the linky below. 

p.s. Should it be determined that the buildings are not, in fact, leaning...then I shall be accepting donations to the Buy Melissa A Camera That Doesn't Make Everything All Tilty fund.  Apparently mine is malfunctioning.  What?!?!?!


  1. Oh ... and here I thought you went hiking after you mentioned outdoors and bugs. Those are two parks I haven't been to since they have buildings and gates and things. I need some hills and trails etc. If you want even more adventure, I'll take you on a hike!

    1. The rose garden does have gates, but the museum does NOT! You can freely roam the grounds, where I took the pictures. The museum was closed, so I didn't go inside. But outside is just lovely. I'm working my way up to a steps.

  2. Beautiful! I have never been to San Jose, something I need to remedy, soon. Maybe once my crafty Princess has her Spring 2013 Disneyland California Adventure BEST BIRTHDAY EVER party planned. She has all this in a notebook, in which I might be just a tad afraid to look....

    1. O.M.G! California Adventure has two of the mostest funnest rides evah! I {heart} Disneyland...aside from the expense, that is (it makes your wallet bleed). I vote Disneyland by way of San Jose! It's only about an 8ish hour drive from here to there! ;-)

  3. Looks amazing! What a wonderful way to document your day.

    1. Thank you! There are so many lovely parts to San Jose, I just wanted to share!

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