Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Blogging Award and Passing the Torch

A fabulous blogger, Virginia from Home Reared Chef, has bestowed an honor upon me... 


The Fabulous Blogger Ribbon!

Yes, I'm totally serious...no, I'm not kidding. She totally did! I swear...go check it out for yourself.

Are you done yet?

See, I wasn't fibbing!!!

Isn't she awesome {it's not a question, YES...she IS awesome}.

And so, before she has time to think about it and realize that maybe she made a mistake, I'm going to post my acceptance and NEENERNEENER...you can't have it back!

But seriously, Thank You, Virginia, for being so supportive and always coming to visit my posts with kind, encouraging words tinged with humor and heart. You are truly an awesome person who I get the privilege of seeing IN. FREAKIN'. PERSON. this week. I'm so excited!!!! (all y'all reading this can now turn 50 shades of Jealous) (yes, the 50 shades references will get old and tired, but not today!) (don't be hatin')

As with most awards...alas...there are rules...phooey...pewp...and...damn.

BUT, at least these rules allow me to divulge even more about myself...everything you never wanted to know all in one blog! Yay you!

The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and share the link back to the awarding blog. DONE
2. Name 5 fabulous moments in your life.
3. Name 5 things that you love.
4. Name 5 things you hate.
5. Pass the award to 5 deserving bloggers.

5 Fabulous Moments 
(note: It's a given that I love my husband and children immensely, so I'm going to skip over that)

1. Moving 400+ miles away from a bad relationship to discover the greatest one shortly thereafter. Thank you for that dear Hubbypants!
2. Going back to school at 39 and discovering that I was not as dimwitted as I thought I was.
3. Receiving a check for something I've written. I *still* think they made a mistake.
4. Finding out my cancer was highly treatable and highly unlikely to kill me. Like, ever.
5. Every moment when I attempted something I was afraid to do...and didn't quit half way through.

5 Things I {heart}
1. Hugs and kisses. Bring 'em!!!
2. Dates with my husband and when my children actually WANT to talk to me.
3. Reading - stepping outside of my own head and into someone elses (a.k.a. the author)
4. Having a professor believe in you
5. Exploring, tasting, seeing, touching = traveling

5 Things That Make Me Want To Throat Punch Someone I hate

1. Clutter - yet, I'm surrounded by it and it is *mostly* of my making.
2. Bad drivers and slimy stuff. Yes, they HAD to go on the same line. Just had to. Dunno why.
3. Passive aggressive communication, deflection of blame and a constant confrontational attitude. (it triggers my throat punching reflex - which is bad, because sometimes I do this and it is just too weird to be throat punching yourself...right?)
4. Low/no self esteem or confidence (I have it and hate to see it in others, I just want to shake them)
5. Not taking a chance

Now for the passing of the ribbon. This gets hard, because it is highly likely these bloggers have already received this award. And, I'm sure they'll be surprised because I've fallen (head first) (wouldn't be the first time) off the blogging bandwagon and I've been M.I.A. A. LOT. However, I am ALWAYS following them. It's called blog following, not stalking...that's what the voices in my head tell me anyway.

So, will the following bloggers please come up to my soap box and take your ribbons:






That's my 5...which is hard to do, because there are so many wonderful bloggers out there and I could have gone on and on!  I'd like to thank these peeps for sharing their thoughts in such an honest and beautifully written way. I really do feel that what they write is who they are and I also see myself reflected in their blogs. (which isn't to say that I'm sharing my quirky crazy with them, no...that's all mine)(You're welcome). Thanks for that!

p.s. - Let's not get ahead of ourselves, but...BUT...there is a chance I'll start blogging more.
p.p.s. - I have, most likely, just jinxed myself.
p.p.p.s. - I'm open for ideas and suggestions.


  1. Oh hey! I have not gotten this award until now! THANK YOU! I'm currently flat on my back which is not conducive to much typing so I will attempt to do my own acceptance but it might take awhile. At least I can read lying down thankfully.

  2. Oh noes! Let's draw attention to the fact that I've been working on this one for like 3 days, and I'm still on the first line. I blame the insance, loud, rude minions that right now are fighting for my lap. And oh my gawdddd I'm going to pull out my hair!!!!

    Where were we? I'm really loving this one, and really enjoying all th positive that comes with it. It's nice when you're trying to not dip your children in katsup.

    So I will, I will get on with it... soon, I promise!

    And thanks and congrats!!!!

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Melissa, your "Thank you" to me was, like, over-the-friggin'-top! Now I am embarrased at my lousy "Thank you" to motherofnine9!! Very, very cool, thank you!!!! And just for that / this, your lunch is gonna be good. It better be good! I guess we'll see. Sigh!

    Also, I’ve been wanting to tell you, for some time now, that I just LOVE how you call your dear one, Hubbypants. That is such a cool name!

    Your Fabulous Moments list is motivating and amazing… But of course!
    Your Heart Things list tells me a bit more about you. Cool!
    Your Throat Punch / Hate list makes me want to get out of my seat and punch the walls. It brings out the aggressor in me. LOL!

    And having had to choose 5 people was like putting me before a firing squad!

    Your post was simply WUNDERBAR!!

    Big virtual hugs, Amiga!

  4. Melissa!!! Thank you so much and congrats to you! Well done tagging me on Facebook since you KNOW I always have it open! I've pretty much fallen off the face of the Earth as far as blogging. But now I have a reason to blog!
    Congrats to you, and awesome post! Loves you! :) <3

  5. ha, thanks ... please remind me to do this after Lucca.. oh wait, maybe this is easier. hmmm (pulling out evernote)

  6. Melissa, you know I love you. When we meet one day, do you promise to autograph a stick figure portrait of me? Also, will you draw a stick figure post-it of me so I can sit in on lunch with you and Virginia? Just put me on a chair and imagine me saying, "Oh, delicious!" and "More, please."
    Yes, I may have a case of the sillies tonight. Just maybe.
    Thank you, sweet pea. :-)


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