Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Taking Suzy's Challege: All About Moi

Suzy Ivy is so nosy! Sheesh! She put out a challenge to all of us BlogHer peeps to list a few things about ourselves on our About Me pages. That's just like Suzy, wanting to get all up in my bidness.

So, I'm taking the challenge since my current About Me page is rather dull and could probably use a little sprucing up.

Please try to stay awake while reading my list, I do not want to be responsible for the impression your keyboard will leave in your forehead should your head hit the desk.

1. I don't have an 'imagination', Imagination has me. {See #2}

2. I see images in textures. For example, when I stare at a textured wall the lumps, grooves and undulations form pictures (faces, creatures, etc), somewhat akin to seeing images in clouds. Same goes for fences, trees, shadows, etc. {see #1}

3. I want to write book blogs and food blogs and travelogue's - but I lack motivation and confidence to do any of it. 

4. When I bring a magazine in the bathroom with me, I try to make sure it doesn't have a face on it, because I feel as if I'm being stared at. It's just creepy, ya know? {this might be a little bit of#1 & #2 - and I mean #1 &#2 from the list...not, well...the 'OTHER' #1 & #2}

5. I've created a blog page and email address for erotic and pornographic writing - but I've forgotten how to get into both and so that boat of opportunity sailed without me. I swear I was going to get rich in the (ahem) 'movie' industry.

6. I talk to my cats, out loud...every day. I 'might' need to start looking for a job.

7. If asked how I'm doing, I will always say, "Fine." Even when I'm really, really not fine. I keep everything bottled up, with a giant stopper. And duct tape. And then buried. Under rocks. At the bottom of the ocean. I'm suspect that isn't considered 'healthy'.

8. In my adult life I've fantasized about becoming an anthropologist, historian, cop, curator, tutor, writer, entrepreneur. However, I think I'm destined to work in retail. Pier 1 or Cost Plus World Market would be fun. Right?

9. My favorite word is Wanderlust, which helped inspire my compass tattoo.

10. I love historical fiction because I like reading about how people lived their daily lives, from making meals to bathing to social etiquette.

11. I moved out of my parents house when I was 16 to live with my 'boyfriend' who was 11 years older than me. Five years later I packed up all my possessions in a U-haul and left his sorry ass behind for a new life over 400 miles away. 

12. I love dystopian novels, because I like reading about how people adapt their lives to new conditions. How they make their meals, hunt, grow, survive. #10 & #12 are sort of like kissing cousins.

13. I will try just about anything once. Especially food. Even weird food. Especially weird food.

14. I play out scenarios in my head about how I'd save my kids, or keep them safe, in the event of an apocalypse, natural disaster, zombie hoards, Alien invasions. No, I'm not kidding.

15. I'm awesome at parallel parking. I mean...wicked good. I'm also a bit too aggressive of a driver. I'm working on it.

15. I am able to see and consider many sides, which makes forming an opinion or making a decision extremely tough.

16. I find it very difficult to come up with a list of things about myself that includes anything complimentary, with the exception of #14. That is rare, you should appreciate's like seeing Bigfoot or Nessie or a Yeti.

17. I've tried to volunteer my way into a calling. I've gone through training and 6 month stint with the YWCA's rape crisis unit. I've trained to be a tutor, working with English language learners. I've trained to tutor adults in reading. All in an attempt to find a future career path or some way to give back to the community. I felt I sucked at all of it, despite assurances to the contrary...and so I quit.

18. I will, inevitably, think of 25 more things the minute I stop making this list that are FAR more interesting than what I've already written. I suspect I'm not alone.

There ya go. Hello? HEY....wake up! If you've suffered any damage to your face from nodding off, it is Suzy's fault.


  1. Hey! I just found your blog, and LOVE it!! You crack me up. I wanted to thank you again for your tattoo post on Blogher a few months back. You've inspired me to write about my own tattooing journey there, and if you still want to see pictures of my (still in progress) back piece, it's up there:

    So glad to find you here as well as at Blogher!



    1. Thank you! I just went over to BlogHer to read about your tattooing journey as well! Wonderful story and fabulous artwork! Ouch!! ;-)

  2. I wouldn't mind hearing more about the emancipation at 16... but then again, *I*'m weird like that. How's the renovation coming along?